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Kliptown residents

combating Covid-19

Kliptown residents

combating Covid-19

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Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

- African proverb

I’m Human because of other Humans

A 1955 initiative: Residents helping residents to slow the transmission of Covid-19.

what we've added!

We now have a wifi hotspot in Kliptown. Why is this important? South Africa has opened vaccine registration to those people who are +12. We are assisting residents of Kliptown to register for their vaccine. Please support this project with the wifi=Covid Vaccine donation button below.


we started this project in march of 2020,

why does this initiative continue to matter?

As news broke of the Covid pandemic over a year ago, we supported President Ramaphosa's extraordinary Covid-19 measures for South Africa. Almost a year later we're at the peak of the second wave. As the pandemic has shone light on, South Africa remains the most economically unequal country in the world. Kliptown is a dense shack community in the southern suburbs of Johannesburg. It is a place of poverty, a place that unsupported will be devastated by the spread of the virus. The national lockdown level is now lowered and people are guardedly returning to their activities outside the community. The chance of infection with the new variant is high, inside the community we we still need to have healthier practices and places.

"Hand washing and keeping common surfaces clean and disinfected are critical efforts to prevent coronavirus infections. This becomes even more urgent in dense communities where consistent physical distancing isn't possible"

Carlyn Collins, MD, MPH, a collaborator with the 1955 team.

As a local social enterprise, 1955 continues to work to bring about that change.

what we're about.

Collaboration. The spirit of Ubuntu: ‘there is a need for understanding not vengeance, ubuntu not victimization’ (South African Constitution, 1993).

1955 creative collaborations is a small group of like-minded old friends and colleagues with a passion for social equity. All but one of us live in Kliptown. The one non-resident came to South Africa in 2007 on a Fulbright Grant and has been involved in Kliptown for seven years. She is primarily based in BC, Canada on the traditional lands of the Secwepemc Nation.

Reports of Covid-19's devastation continue to cross the globe, we continue to act. Kliptown has high levels of extreme poverty, HIV infection, TB and chronic lung infections. The full force of Covid disease in this community was unthinkable. We have used our own resources of people and time and money and heroic effort on the ground to devise, pilot and run this simple but effective strategy to help slow the spread of the virus. There have been confirmed positive cases, residents have passed away.

100% of your contribution goes directly to the people of Kliptown. Follow our projects at and on Instagram. Meet the people and the place, be a part of this global community effort.

1955 creative collaborations (1955) is a social enterprise. It is a non profit corporation registered with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission in South Africa.

we've been at it for over a year!

what we're doing now.

As residents of Kliptown, we did not wait to become victims of Covid-19, we are fighting the spread of the virus through these simple, effective steps:

1. Toilets: compressor spray door handle, interior of toilet stall and seat with a dilute bleach solution (WHO, CDC).

2. Hand washing: stations with soap and water using a tap or bucket with ladle, adequate soap in households.

3. Personal hygiene: provision of adequate toilet paper.

4. Public health messaging: Covid-19 information, updates and hand washing (posters, stencilling, wall art, facebook).

5. Covid Vaccine: we are now registering residents to get their single jab Johnson&Johnson Covid vaccine using our 1955 wifi hotspot.


project 1.


HAND WASHING. Health guidelines around the world stress that hand washing as the single most important action in the fight against Covid-19. Most people in Kliptown do not have soap.

We focus on assisting the community's vulnerable elders. In turn, the grannies are setting up household hand washing stations in an effort to keep the virus out of their homes.

We are working with the community leadership to set up general hand washing stations at key locations in neighbourhood to slow the spread of the virus across the community.



TOILET TISSUE. Adequate toilet supplies improves general health and hygiene.

Diarrhea is a symptom of the Covid disease.

Personal hygiene is also about dignity.

project 2.

communal toilets.

A CLEAN TOILET. In Kliptown, on average seven

households share a toilet. Sometimes this is a single toilet on the street or in a communal yard. Sometimes it's a bank of toilets in the open.


breaking the virus load cycle.

Here, a communal toilet is overused and poorly ventilated. This is the perfect environment for virus shedding to build up on surfaces. The virus is now known to remain infectious for 70 hours on plastic surfaces. The latest studies are suggesting that repeated exposure to low levels of virus will lead to infection and illness.

We are regularly spraying surfaces with a 250ml/20L bleach/water solution.


project 3.


The South African government has now opened an online portal to register for the Covid vaccine. This is real hope for Kliptown residents to stay healthy and to return to work. But for most people in Kliptown an online portal is beyond their reach because they don't have the device or the data or the internet access. Our wifi hotspot allows people to pre-register for their vaccine.

Or donate using eTransfer

Please send eTransfer to, this links to a Canadian bank all other methods of payment are available and supported globally.

100% of all contributions go to the people of Kliptown.

Frequently Asked Questions

facts about your contribution

  • We are not a charity, we are a non profit social enterprise, so your contribution is not tax deductible.
  • Based on South Africa's President Ramaphosa's most recent address and forecast, we plan to run this initiative for 6 months. That is through October. This may change depending on how Covid-19 impacts Kliptown.
  • There is no credit card minimum.
  • Methods of payment are: credit cards, visa debit and eTransfer.
  • eTransfer is to a Canadian bank, all other methods of payment are supported globally.
  • We post a list of contributors. You can also choose to be anonymous or to name a friend or loved one.
  • Please follow our initiative on instagram @1955.kliptown and in our blog at to hear stories first hand from our 1955 crew in Kliptown.
  • 100% of your contribution goes directly to the people of Kliptown for the supplies and activities outlined here and on our website.
  • We are not able to set up recurring donations at this time.
  • To contact us or for media inquiries please contact

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1955 is not a charity. It is not a Non Governmental Organization (NGO). We are a social enterprise startup, a Non Profit Company (NPO) that puts its mission at the centre with income generation as a critical supporting role. Our goals are to address local social and environmental issues through creativity and innovation, to employ people and to collaborate with Kliptown residents’ livelihood efforts.
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