You can help Mamawapowin expand its coverage in Maskwacis.

Mamawapowin Technology Society

The act of coming together.

You can help Mamawapowin expand its coverage in Maskwacis.

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Our Annual Impact


users accessing our public network every month, absolutely free


terabytes of free data monthly to users who would otherwise have no internet access at all


in data charges that residents of Maskwacis hamlet are NOT paying every month


number of opportunities available to Maskwacis residents as a result of accessible internet

Meet Bruce Buffalo, Founder of Mamawapowin

Mamawapowin Technology Society is on a mission to give the community of Maskwacis something millions of other Canadians take for granted: its own high-speed network.

The first part of the network is up and running. Mamawapowin wants to expand the coverage to include the three other Nations in Maskwacis.

This connectivity is a crucial step in developing employment and cultural opportunities for all four of the Nations in the Maskwacis Territory.

What You're Helping Us Accomplish

Image of <p>Free Connectivity for Maskwacis</p>

Free Connectivity for Maskwacis

Mamawapowin Public WiFi Network is currently available to 500 + users monthly in the Maskwacis area.

Image of <p>Cultural Empowerment</p>

Cultural Empowerment

Allowing First Nations to share their experiences with each other and to communicate their cultures to the world.

Image of <p>Expansion of Coverage</p>

Expansion of Coverage

Equipment purchases with installation and configuration allow us to reach an ever-expanding number of people in Maskwacis.

Image of <p>Maskwacis Youth</p>

Maskwacis Youth

Connectivity is critical to the success of our youth in an increasingly global world. We want our youth to have access to educational resources, technology training, and cultural discovery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mamawapowin Technology Society?

We are a registered not-for-profit society dedicated to expanding broadband internet access for rural First Nations communities across Canada.

What does Mamawapowin do?

We build, install and configure MTS Public WiFi community networks. We are constantly adding and configuring new Access Points to expand coverage.

Where does my donation go?

Directly to the expansion and maintenance of the Mamawapowin Network

Is my donation tax-deductible?

For now, no. We will be able to once our CRA registration has finalized. Your donation is, however, karma-deductible. Your goodness will unfold back upon you in benevolent ways you can not foresee.

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