Trellis is a social enterprise enabling charities and their supporters (champions) to make beautiful fundraising pages while saving them time by automating tax receipting and payment processing. Through our pages, customers are able to increase their ticket sales and donations by featuring engaging content, additional donation prompts, and up-sell options throughout their event and campaign.

Our mission is to empower organizations in the social sector so they create more impact in their communities. By fostering social enterprise, sustainable development, and impact-focused work, Trellis is shifting the nonprofit and charity sector into the future of sustainable social development. Our company is called Trellis because we want to support the growth of the charitable sector to promote collective impact within our communities.

IMPACT – focused on long term, sustainable outcomes.
COLLECTIVE – it is everyone’s responsibility, not just charities, to help fix our world’s toughest problems.
GLOBAL – we are a scalable solution.
POWER – we create tools and a platform to simplify how people can make a difference.

Trellis was built out of a desire to create more impact in our communities. I travelled across Canada, spoke to over 100 charities and they told me what to build. This fundraising software was inspired by Charities for Charities.
Justin Goodhew
Founder & CEO

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Your updates channel for how covid-19 is impacting your fundraising events

Check back here often as we provide the latest updates on COVID-19 and the impact on your fundraising events. Canada prepares for COVID test number 1,00,000 within the next 24 hours.  What back-to-school looks like in Wuhan as they reopen.  5 tips for hosting digital fundraising events during COVID-19 (featuring insights from your friends at…

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Food Bank receives $10,000 donation prize at just the right time.

Kelowna, BC. March 20, 2020   The donation was the first place prize donated by The Clique Group Ltd. and won based on the third-party fundraising event, The 2nd Annual Fork and Spoon Gala hosted by Cody Pollard. The gala brought 14 Okanagan chefs and three local bartenders together to create a nine-course meal using…

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core team

Rebecca Alfred

Lead Marketer

Justin Goodhew


Ryan Lancaster


Scott Goodhew


Jay Bell


Dillon Eichhorst


Riley Greenwood


Dennis Le


Alex Griggs



Co Chief Happiness Officer


Co Chief Happiness Officer



Kyleen Myrah

Professor at Okanagan College, Doctorate Of Education in Educational Leadership & Policy, 2003, Expert in social enterprise and impact measurement.


Greg Magolan

The 4th employee at Avigilon Security, a multinational 400 person company. Currently working with the Angular team at Google.


Mike Duquet

Past Director of Optimization for Kelowna-based Strawhouse. Led the web growth for Hootsuite’s Enterprise web presence.


Carollynn Schafer

Carollynn practices technology, licensing and privacy law and has over 15 years experience working in the start up technology space.


Atrium Ventures

Atrium Ventures is a community supported, entrepreneur led investment fund that makes early stage investments in promising new technology companies. We are Located in Kelowna and make investments in companies throughout the province of British Columbia.

Clique Group

Clique Group consists of multiple branches of business. Clique Media runs performance-based advertising for medium-large sized companies, positioned to sell over $1MM/month in product or services. Clique Holdings takes equitable positions in ventures of interest, primarily real estate and private equity. Clique Group’s mission is to leverage capitalism to create a visible difference in their community.

MAVAN Capital

A diverse team of successful business, finance, and legal professionals with extensive private and public company management experience across many industries. MAVAN Capital’s mission is to utilize our global network to provide investors access to exclusive opportunities that they would not have access to on their own.

Rhiza Capital

Rhiza Capital is an impact investment group of funds. We build impact portfolios guided by the values of our investors, partners and community. Our investments are directed toward Canadian local and social ventures that have a demonstrable intention to generate a measurable, beneficial social or environmental impact alongside a financial return.

OKGN Angels

The OKGN Angel Summit is an investor-led program designed to expose accredited investors to the world of angel investing through a guided, hands-on process where a small venture capital fund is raised, deals are screened, and an actual investment in a startup is made. Participating investors and companies will go through an 11-week series of structured meetings including company reviews, founder pitches, and due diligence.