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Affordable & Solution based Mental Health Workshop focusing on wrestling, martial arts and combative athletes. Keynote speaker Professional Championship Wrestler: Al Snow. Workshop headed by Registered Clinical Counsellor, former university hockey player & coach: Barb Egan. Specializing in helping athletes with their “mental game” A portion of proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to our charitable partner, Third Space Life Charity, which provides clinical counselling and coaching for Okanagan residents in need.

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Aaron Konecsni & Shawna Whitney
Aaron Konecsni & Shawna Whitney
Striving to make a difference in athletes lives


Allen Sarven American Pro Wrestler
Better known as:
Color commentator, training coach, promoter & show producer
Read the Biography: Self-Help: Life Lessons from the Bizarre Wrestling Career of Al Snow
Barb Egan Clinical & Sports Counsellor
Former Pro Athlete, Coach and Therapist, Barb understands the importance of mental health in the game of life.  Equipping you with coping strategies & empowering you to live your best life
A Champion Fundraiser in support of
Third Space Life Charity
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