Items for Sale

Hope Stove
$25.00 CAD
A unique invention created by Mike Hay of Vancouver Island, these stoves provide a safe, plentiful source of heat and a cooking surface for over 14 hours. They are completely safe if they tip over, and are a great way to keep warm no matter where you are. For more info on Mike and the stoves, please see this great article on the Huffington Post:
Small Backpack
$50.00 CAD
Give a backpack load of hope to someone in need this winter. These backpacks include a variety of essential items such as toiletries, warm clothing (such as gloves, socks, and a toque), snacks, hand warmers, etc.
Large Backpack
$100.00 CAD
This larger backpack includes everything from the smaller backpack, plus, more toiletries, more warm clothes, more snacks, and a Hope Stove
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