Bear Strength Gummys

By: Isaac Reimer and Kaif Mcgaw

Bear Strength Gummys

By: Isaac Reimer and Kaif Mcgaw

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Two High school teens selling protein gummy bears

our goal may say 5000 but our real goal is to help others

around us find a better and more affordable way to get the

protein they need to stay in shape

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Bear Strength Gummys

Bear Strength Gummy's is a protein-based gummy bear that is designed so you can enjoy your favorite gummy bear snack at half the calories!

Now add on the fact that each gummy bear comes packed with protein so now you can eat them all day and no longer feel guilty for late-night snacking. Whether you just finished a great session at the gym, need to eat more protein daily, or just want to enjoy a healthier snack Bear Strength Gummys is the perfect fit for you.


How We Got Started

In November 2016 my mother got very sick with something called HELLP syndrome while giving birth to my little sister because of the severity of the sickness, the doctors weren't able to identify what was wrong with her at first. 

You can get HELLP on a spectrum and she had the worst case that the doctors said they have ever seen, her kidneys started failing her. She lost her vision because her body could not absorb one of the most crucial macronutrients protein because of that she started to lose her vision and one day her vision loss was so severe my mother said she could not recognize me and in her own words she stated

"I don't know you sorry please go away".

I was both devastated and distraught after that day I went home and I started to stress eat and this became a daily habit for me, I would eat 2 bags of both sour patch kids and gummy bears and slowly overtime I become obese . At my biggest I weighed 250lbs. 

How We Got Started


As the months passed by my mother slowly but surely got better and seeing her getting better daily motivated me to go to the gym and start to take much better care of myself by going to the gym, the biggest roadblock is that we both needed protein me for working out and my mother because of her sickness has to take 4X the recommended protein for someone her age. So we began experimenting with different ideas the first was a protein shake but she hated it, then it was protein muffins but they were average at best but during those trials what became both of our favorite was the protein gummy bears that we made.

It has been a couple years since this incident and my mom has made a full recovery she gave birth to my beautiful sister JJ and is doing better then ever .

I have lost 65 pounds and now weigh 185lbs and feel better than ever  

and no longer look bigger then Santa.


UN Sustainable Goals

#3 Good Health and Well-being

#12 Responsible Consumption and Production


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Instagram is key to giving us a boost against our competition

We may only be in high school but what we do have is a huge Instagram audience Isaac owns and manages different Instagram accounts ranging from a couple hundred followers to one of his accounts having 36,000 followers. Having this account gives us lots of advantages it lets us market our product to thousands of people for free, gets our product out there faster or it even lets us connect with our audience directly to make custom designs for us that would normally take hours on photoshop or hundreds of dollars to hire someone.

Look through our Trellis page all the pictures of the gummy bears lifting weights we got made custom for us for free! Even our business page has over 1000 followers already all this through the help of Isaac's Instagram accounts

so make sure to follow @bearstrength_gummys

Where does your donation go?

The donations that we receive from your donation will be used to buy our ingredient and tools required to continue making our gummy bears. Eg: Protein powder, Gelatin, packaging and etc.

How can you help ?

First and foremost we appreciate you taking time out of your day to read our fundraiser. 

if you would like to support us further please check out the donation options below

Thank you for your kindness and generosity!

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