Items for Sale

Door Prize Entry
$50.00 CAD
Enter to win this year's grand prize draw and receive gala goodies at the door! The Grand Prize will be a 5 Day Retreat at a private condominium in Kimberly, BC! Each Door Prize Entry purchase will come with a balloon to be used later within the evening to announce prize winners. Inside each balloon will be a prize or a prize slip for larger prize! Be sure to hold onto your balloons!
Mystery Box
$85.00 CAD
Pre-order your mystery box to pick up when you arrive, or have mailed to your home for the evening. Find some fun items and a lot of surprises inside!
Sponsor of Hope Box
$600.00 CAD
This limited item gains you an exclusive mystery box with some extra surprises, an original painting by an Ethiopian Student, your name on our website, a social media story, an entry in the draw, and the general feel good factor that you've seriously changed lives. Only 5 available, so act fast! These are unavailable once sold out.
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