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Start Making More Money and Saving Time With Your Events, Campaigns, 3rd Party and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising  
Case Studies

"Before engaging with Trellis, we weren't taking advantage of online campaigns. Our metrics were stagnant."  

"We started working with Trellis and in just 15 minutes I had built a page that resulted in a 20% increase in doantions and automated my workflows."

 - Sarah Anne Taylor, Manager of Giving, LinkedIn, July 2019
Sarah Anne Taylor
Manager of Giving 

"Before engaging with Trellis, we had to use eventbrite. It was 25% more expensive and we had to do manual receipting and messaging ourselves."  

"We started working with Trellis and everything was eaiser, not only did I save money for the Food Bank but I also made it really easy on the revenue development staff. They could see everything happening around the event, they got all the transparency and data without having to worry about any of the boring stuff like tax receipting, it was all automated."

 - Cody Pollard, 3rd Party Champion for the Food Bank, LinkedIn, November 2018
Cody Pollard
3rd Party Champion

"Before engaging with Trellis, we were using all these different event management softwares. Our metrics were ok, but not charity focussed."  

"We started working with Trellis. The results were great, we sold 40% more tickets than we thought"

 - Brett Kryskow, Vice President, LinkedIn, May 2019
Brett Kryskow
Vice President
Okanagan Mainline Football Society
Exponentially Increase your Fundraising
Using Our 3rd Party Manager
"This is hands down the easiest and most well thought out 3rd party software on the market. Trellis has thought of everything so my 3rd party events and campaigns run smooth with minimal effort. I get all the data, control and automation with none of the work!"
- Sarah Anne Taylor, United Way SIBC, Manager of Giving
Save Admin Time & Money by
Automating Everything from Event Creation to Tax Receipting
"This tool automates everything for me, all I have to do is set up my account and allow the fundraising and tax receipting to occur by my 3rd party champions" 
- Ally Grey, Executive Director at 3rd Space Charity Life
Grow Your Corporate Giving By
Using Our CSR Optimized Pages
"It was so easy to create an event, invite out the community and raise a lot of money for a cause that our company cares about. Mental health effects a lot of people, I have had my own struggle. With Trellis I was able to easily work with our charity of choice and raise money for them" 
- Laine Nevinson, 3rd Party Champion for 3rd Space Charity at MAVAN Capital
Easily Move Your Data From Trellis to Your CRM with our Custom Export Engine
Get Actual Support from our Fundraising Specialists with In-App Chat
"Rachel, Dennis and the rest of the Trellis team were there to help us set up our event, show us how to make more money and even help with the post event messaging and results." 
- Brett Kryskow, Vice President, Mainline Football Society
The Team
Justin Goodhew
Founder & CEO
“Trellis was built out of a desire to create more impact in our communities. I travelled across Canada, spoke to over 100 charities and they told me what to build. This fundraising software was inspired by Charities for Charities.”
Trellis is a Social Enterprise
Purpose and profit go hand in hand. Our company is called Trellis because we want to support the growth of the charitable sector to promote collective impact within our communities. 

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Questions and Concerns
What distinguishes you from everyone else? 
We are 100% focussed on giving your donors, event attendees and 3rd party champions the best experience. We aren't a CRM, we aren't trying to be. We increase your fundraising by empowering you and your champions with simple fundraising software. 
Who are you guys, anyway?
We are a passionate group of individuals from Kelowna, BC that wanted to do more than just build and sell software for anyone who will pay us. We all care about impact and purpose, this is just the best way we know how to help because we know software. 
How are you different than Eventbrite or GoFundMe? 
Eventbrite and GoFundMe aren't Charity friendly. There is no transparency, no automation around tax receipting and donor data collection. Trellis Connects the 3rd party directly to the charity in the same system. Giving you all the control, all the data but none of the risk or the work. 
How are you different from Razors Edge or other CRMs?
CRMs are focussed on donor data management and other back end processes NOT online fundraising and events, those are just add-ons. Trellis is purely focussed on events, campaigns, 3rd party and P2P. Increasing your fundraising is our focus and we integrate with CRMs so you keep all the best data as well.  
What exactly are you promising? What evidence do you have to back up these promises and claims? 
On average our customers increase their fundraising by 25%. We know this because we asked, and numbers don't lie. We increase your fundraising and save you time on the back-end. 
How do I know your solution will work for me? Who hasn't it worked for? 
This solution works great for charities that want to streamline process, increase fundraising and maximize 3rd party fundraisers. If you don't do these types of revenue generation than this isn't for you. 
How do I present this to my team? 
For the finance/accounting departments you will need to show them the settlement reporting in payouts. We have worked hard to not only make your lives easier but also delight your accounting team. 
What are typical contract terms? 
You can try it for free. We offer monthly subscription payments agreed upon over a yearly contract. Starting as low as $9.99/month or even start with our free plan and simply pay per transaction.
What type of support do you offer? 
We have industry leading in-app live chat support for our customers. When you are creating your fundraisers we are right there with you if you have any questions or concerns.
Where did you get the idea to offer this solution? 
We spent 6 months and travelled across Canada to ask Charities what they need to help them create more impact. They told us what to build, this software is inspired by Charities for Charities, we just built it. 
Trellis Social Enterprises Inc
306 460 Doyle Ave, Kelowna BC, V1Y 0C2
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