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Sit and Succeed One Year Membership
$397.00 USD
Connecting Desires to Reality One Step at a Time • Expand your awareness to gain more productivity, ease, and success. • Live a more energetic life to attain desired results faster and feel greater freedom. • Join a community to continually get the support you need and deserve. In Sit and Succeed facilitated by Avital Miller you will learn beyond the cutting-edge wisdom and simple techniques to break through over 100 daily life challenges like how to feel more energetic, achieve glowing health and vitality, and embody the courage to take more bold steps in your career and life. Enjoy live sessions online or in person AND gain access to a library of over 100 exclusive meditation recordings. Learn more at One year membership: ​Value $564 Special event pricing $397!
DEWDROP COMMUNITY – One Year membership
$197.00 USD
A New Community for Conscious Fun! - Do you love having a good time and want to do it with people who care? - Are you growth minded and feel positively stimulated by others who are as well? - Want to develop deeper connections to gain support, friendship and fun?! The Dewdrop Community was founded to bring together joyful, conscious and diverse individuals to share meaningful friendship, fun, and growth through our experiences together. Now you never have to feel alone again! Some of our experiences include masterminding, yoga, hiking, game nights, volunteering, personal growth, dance parties, and much more! Check out our events calendar: One year membership: Value $324 Special event pricing $197
Dewdrop Bear
$20.00 USD
Get your very own Dewdrop Bear who says "Sing Your Sweet Song." Learn more about the Dewdrop Community for conscious fun at:
Dewdrop Mug
$20.00 USD
Get your very own Dewdrop mug that says "Sing Your Sweet Song." Learn more about the Dewdrop Community for conscious fun at:
Healing Happens Book
$25.00 USD
HEALING HAPPENS: WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT Imagine being told you have an incurable disease. Maybe you have been told you cannot achieve your dreams. Healing Happens is filled with stories of people who healed beyond their doctor's diagnosis from cancer, diabetes, ms, bipolar personality disorder, and more. Through attitude, awareness, will power, belief, food, sound, light, or a simple technique one can do with their own body, these people have healed. This book shares interviews with healing experts who have repeated those results for others through knowledge from their own experiences, studies, and the latest scientific research. There are more possibilities for healing than we have known. Discover the best wisdom to put health and healing back in your own power. Fatal pronouncements do not have to be your fate.
Practice Book
$20.00 USD
Practice: Wisdom from the Downward Dog offers a beautiful expression of tranquility and movement, of stillness and action, of sacredness and aliveness... This inspiring collection of stories brings you into the heart and soul of 48 yogis including Avital Miller who have transformed their lives through the power and practice of yoga and meditation. Through their vulnerable and wise reflections, you will discover your own spark and motivation to deepen into your practice and understand the connection between your physical vessel and conscious state.
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