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$5 for #5 Geordie Dean
When you shoot as much as Geordie did, you lose a few balls, so help us by contributing the cost of a lacrosse ball!
$6 for #6 Eric Cowieson
Six bucks buys a roll of tape and we go through that stuff like Eric went through the opposition's defense.
$7 for #7 Paul Parnell
Seven bucks is a beer or some Gatorade after the game and Paul will tell you that fluids are essential after running around in Queen's Park Arena!
$10 for #10 Dave Durante
Dave, like most of his teammates, used to cut the palms out of his gloves. Those things are expensive Dude! Give ten bucks to help us protect our players!
$12 for #12 Jack Bionda
Jack Bionda was a traveller who played both lacrosse and hockey. Travel is expensive, so honour Jack by helping us pay for player travel.
$13 for #13 Wayne Goss
When you play as hard as Wayne Goss did, you get a little beat up. That's why we need team physio therapy. Thirteen bucks helps us keep our players healthy.
$19 for #19 Cliff Sepka
Cliff was remarkable player and coach. Nineteen bucks helps us pay for practice time!
All-Star Line-Up
When you add them all together, our retired jerseys equal $72. Help us keep an All Star line-up on the Queen's Park floor.
Mann Cup Builder
The Mann Cup is one of sports' most challenging championships. Winning takes a next level team. Help us build the ultimate team!
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