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Collective Blast

By: Tyrin Herchak

Collective Blast

By: Tyrin Herchak

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Home of the Memorabilia Enthusiasts

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May 27, 2021 10:00 AM PDT to 12:00 PM PDT

More about Collective Blast

This is a way to improve collectors life with easier more user friendly way to shop for your favourite memorabilia be it movies, books or figures. I also want to welcome new comers with affordable deals and offers and a nice accessible and user friendly website to shop for your favourite items.


Through out my day's of collecting I have noticed that it can be really difficult to not only find what you are looking for but to know where to look so I took this problem of mine and decided to fix it. My goal is to create an online business about selling memorabilia on easy to use and user friendly website all at more affordable cost but of course not everything will so cheap. Depending on what you are looking for certain items will be cheapened during event sales (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc)


How I would be fulfilling this goal

Me and business will be achieving this goal by not letting old memorabilia go to waste by giving it to someone else to someone who might want it.

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