Run Fundraising Campaigns

Create Beautiful Online Campaigns and Events for Your Organization in Minutes

Beautiful Design That's Ready for Mobile

Mobile first with all the features you need—all our pages and templates are designed for the mobile user in mind. All of our templates and sections are designed to be easily read on a phone or tablet.

  • Monthly or One-Time Donations
  • Payment Processing
  • Instant Tax Receipting
  • Team Event Managment
  • Ticketing
  • Social Sharing
  • Live Donation Updating
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Hosted and Built in Canada

Donors First

Trellis gives you the tools to engage your donor, with technology advancements people expect more, with Trellis you can delight your donor with easy to use pages and forms to easily get your message to your audience and raise more money.

Bringing the Eventbrite Experience to the Fundraising World

Here we can talk about how we include so much functionality. Here we can talk about how we include so much functionality .Here we can talk about how we include so much functionality. Here we can talk about how we include so much functionality.

Helping You Report Impact with the UNSDG's

Trellis helps you report your impact to your donors using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Easily give your donors more reasons to donate. Trellis makes it easy for you to connect what you are doing every day to the bigger picture.

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Easy to Create

You can build a beautiful fundraising page in minutes, custom to your brand that you can share instantly with your donors. Using prebuilt templates and sections make it yours or keep it simple. Trellis will showcase your organization in the best light.

Donation Forms

Easily Embed Donation Forms into Your Website

Easy to Use and Mobile Friendly

Trellis makes donating easier than ever with mobile optimized donation forms embedded right into your home page. With our forms, you can serve your donors with a seamless, easy to use experience.

Raise More Money

Using our advanced e-commerce system, you can test forms and see which ones perform better. Some donors will donate more with pictures, while others will get distracted. Find out how you can raise more money!

Designed For Donors

Donors can quickly enter their payment details, get instant feedback on form fields, and never have to type in their full address again. Our smart forms do as much work as possible for each donor so they can donate quickly and efficiently.

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Third Party Fundraisers

Coming Soon

Kick Your Feet Back and Do What You're Good At

Enable your supporters to start a fundraising campaign or event with the click of a button. Manage all the 3rd party events from an easy to use dashboard. Stop missing out on new donors and ensure everyone gets their tax receipt. No more coordinating for every 3rd party event. Let Trellis do that boring work, so you can activate more champions in your community.

Manage Your 3rd Party Fundraisers in One Place

You can easily manage your 3rd party fundraisers in one place. Having all your 3rd party campaigns and events run through your Trellis system allows you to

  • Capture 100% more new donors' contact info
  • Automate tax receipts and streamline payments
  • Give your 3rd party organizers an easy to use software

Donors Can Easily Become Champions and Start Their Own Fundraiser

Using Trellis your donors simply click “start a fundraiser” on your website and in minutes they can have a campaign or event sent out to their friends. Start enabling your donors to start raising money for you!

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