Donation Campaign

By: Paper Scent

Donation Campaign

By: Paper Scent

Please Support us by donating as we are making a Notebook with smells good as you like and you will fell happy by using these kind of notebooks

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Donation Campaign

Our company name is 'Paper Scent'. This Donation Campaign will help students to study more effectively as we are making notebooks which smells as the costumer like. Our product will smell different kind of flavours and will help to focus on study more. Our target market is between 7-25 years old, whether they are men or women. But it does not mean that older age groups can't use it. Anyone can use our product who loves to write.

Social Responsibility

Gender Equality we make are products all equal to each and every gender out there because paper scent supports gender equality

Quality Education We give students quality education through are notebooks because they smell really good.

Reduced Inequality Paper scent has no inequality towards anyone and we want to reduce inequality around the world


This Fund will help us

This Fund will help us a lot as we need different flavoured oils to let our products smell. And we are very thankful to get the fund because that shows the support toward us and our product.

Thank you for your generosity!

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