Welcome to our 1st Annual Gingerbread

House Photo Contest Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone that entered the contest - to see all the

participants and winners and to vote on the People's Choice Award go to:


This premier virtual fundraiser raises funds to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable home ownership.

The contest theme for this year is 'There's No Place Like Home'. This year especially our homes have never meant more and for many have become a "safe haven" during this unprecedented time.

So let your creativity soar and bring your home to life utilizing the theme in whatever way is meaningful to you.

To participate purchase a 'Building Permit' (scroll down to purchase or click on the link above). The permit provides you with a basic gingerbread kit and your entry into the contest. Kit's can be picked up from any of the Habitat for Humanity Okanagan Restores and must be incorporated into your creation. You may add to the kit, transforming or embellishing it with other mediums (Eg: Lego, cookies etc) as you bring your creation to life!

First Early Bird Prize Draw Buy your kit by November 15th and your name will be entered in to win a $100 Gift Certificate for a seasonal tire change package from Dynamic Automotive & Transmission.

Second Early Bird Prize Draw Buy your kit by December 4th and be entered in to win a Holiday Decor Package from Dario's Landscape Services including a handmade door wreath and all the

ingredients to fill your outdoor planter pot with holiday cheer! Value $250.00.

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be chosen by our panel of judges in each of the

categories. Entries must be received by December 14th. Winners will be announced December 18th.

People's Choice Award- a cash prize of $250.00! The entry with the most votes* wins!

Tell your families and friends to vote at:


Voting starts December 4th and closes December 21, 2020 and the winner will be announced

December 22, 2020. Voters will be entered into a draw for $100 Restore Gift Certificate!

To Enter all participants must submit photos of their creations to be uploaded on a public contest

platform. Photos must be sent by email to communityengagement@hfhokanagan.ca no later than December 14, 2020.

*Votes cost $5.00 and support Habitat for Humanity Okanagan

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use items other than gingerbread to build my house?

Yes, you can incorporate other items into your kit but all the items included in the kit must be used in your house.You may add to the kit, transforming or embellishing it with other mediums (eg: lego, cookies, other) as you bring your idea to life!

Is there a size restriction?

Houses must be built on a platform of a maximum of 24"x24" and the maximum height is 18"

Do I have to build a house?

The theme of the contest is 'There's no place like home' so we do need you to build a building that represents a home to someone or something.

How do I submit my photo of my finished house?

Submit your jpeg by email to communityengagement@hfhokanagan.ca

How does the judging work for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?

Our panel of judges will choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners based on the following criteria:

  • First impression
  • Use of gingerbread kit
  • Best interpretation of the theme
  • Skill and technique
  • Overall concept and design (proportion, unity of composition, flow of design)
  • Creativity/Originality/ Artist merit
  • Diversity of ingredients/ mediums used

How does the 'People's Choice' award work?

The entry with the most votes wins! You can encourage your friends, family and co-workers to vote for your house. Voters pay $5.00 to vote.

Voting ends December 21st. The winner will be announced December 22nd.

Voting is done online at https://trellis.org/submissions-gingerbread-house-contest

Voters will be entered into a draw for a $100.00 Restore Gift Certificate.

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Habitat for Humanity Okanagan
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