Yellow Brick House's

Giving 2022

Power to Choose Gift Catalogue

Yellow Brick House's

Giving 2022

Power to Choose Gift Catalogue

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Your Catalogue for Gifts That Rebuild Lives

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What is The Power To Choose?

Through generous donations from community members like you, Yellow Brick House is able to provide a wide variety of programs for women and their children who have experienced violence, poverty, and homelessness.

Gift cards and financial donations give women the power to choose what they need when they need it. In-kind gift cards are not tax-receiptable, but you may instead make a financial donation and request the donation to be directed to gift cards. We will then provide a tax receipt for your donation!

How the Gift Catalogue Works

1) Enjoy choosing gifts that will make a real difference in the lives of women and children.

2) Place your order by choosing items below.

3) If you're purchasing on behalf of a loved one, when you check out you have the option to receive a greeting card noting the gift.  


Please note that all purchases are representative and will support Yellow Brick House; you are not purchasing actual items. You will receive a tax receipt for your full purchase amount. Your donations allow abused women and children to access our services at no cost. Thank you for supporting women and children through the work of Yellow Brick House.


Why You Should Support

Domestic violence increased by 30% during COVID-19. Thank you for helping us keep Yellow Brick House open and safe for women and children escaping violence.


Women and children leaving violent homes leave with the clothes on their back. This holiday season, join us as we empower women by giving them the financial freedom to purchase what best suits their family’s needs. The Power to Choose Campaign is giving back the power to women.

The Facts

- Financial abuse occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases

- Women living in poverty experience domestic violence at twice the rate of those who do not

- Three out of four victims said they stayed with their abusers longer for economic reasons

Featured Gifts

At Yellow Brick House, our featured gifts provide you with the opportunity to support the women and children we serve with the most essential and life-saving care.

This year, our featured gifts are:

Nights of Safety

Your gift provides a secure bed for a woman or child in one of our emergency shelters, and the services needed once they have reached safety. Your donation can provide shelter for one night, one week, or one month- based on your choosing.

Restart Bundle

There are many barriers to leaving an abusive relationship, and starting over can be painful and difficult. Your Restart Bundle gift gives a family the resources and training to make a successful and healthy fresh start.

Our Yearly Impact

Women and Children Served


Counselling and Court Support Hours Provided


Women and Children Stayed in the Safety of Our Shelters


Youth Reached Through Public Education Programs


Isabella's Story

I was married for 10 years before I finally left the relationship. I had thought about leaving for so long, but without the support of my family, and with no financial resources, I felt trapped in the relationship.

Before I was married, I worked and was financially independent. All that changed when I had kids. My husband insisted I stay home to care for the children while he provided income and handled all of our finances. I didn’t have access to the bank accounts and if I needed something, I had to ask my husband.

When my husband became violent with my oldest child, I knew that we couldn’t stay any longer and fled the next night with not a cent to my name. When I arrived at Yellow Brick House, I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, when we got there, we were provided warm beds, counselling services, and legal support. Even more surprising, they provided me with gift cards to purchase whatever else I needed. I hadn’t felt this empowered or free in over a decade. With these gift cards, I was able to buy the necessities but also able to buy my children small gifts for Christmas including a paw patrol doll for my youngest and a toy truck for my oldest. The smiles on their faces when they opened their gift were priceless and a memory I will always treasure.

Today, I have a job, an apartment that I rent, and the ability to provide for myself and my children, something I never thought possible for years. I feel empowered and hopeful about the future. I can’t thank Yellow Brick House enough. I hope that someday I will be able to give back in some way to help another family going through what I did. 

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