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Go Wild Auction 2022

By: The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

Go Wild Auction 2022

By: The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council

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November 5 -19th, 2022

Go Wild for Wildlife!

The Go Wild auction opens November 5th at 9 AM and closes November 19th at midnight Pacific time US. The proceeds from this event will go toward IWRC programs that promote wildlife conservation and welfare by supporting and providing science-based education for wildlife rehabilitators— see our IWRC page for more information.

There are many ways to give including donations of course costs and supplies, the purchase of all new IWRC swag, and of course bidding on our wide array of auction items.

Channel your inner tiger and have fun fighting tooth and claw for auction items this year!

Go Wild Appeal: Give education, give improved wildlife care

IWRC is proud to partner with amazing wildlife rehabilitation centers like the Avian and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre (ARRC). This year we will be hosting a number of international courses including our first IWRC course in India! Instructor and ARRC Co-founder Jayanthi Kallam is working with IWRC to host a Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Class for members of wildlife conservation organizations. After the course our students will form a network of skilled rehabilitators, who can disseminate knowledge and appropriate techniques to improve wildlife care and public outreach.

Please join us in supporting wildlife and wildlife carers worldwide, like our students in India. Donate below to give to a student outside of North America. This will directly help increase the number of students that can access our courses. If the donations in any one tier exceed our goal, the excess will be diverted to the area of greatest need for our international students. On behalf of IWRC, thank you for making the world a better place for wildlife, and a better place for us all.

Silent Auction

How to get started

  1. Click either "sign up" (top right-hand corner of this page) or “view and bid” (on online auction items)
  2. When prompted, enter your email address and create a password, and add card details (you will only have to do this once)
  3. Go wild! Bid on items by clicking on "view and bid", don't forget you can set up automated bidding


  • The highest bidder when the auction closes (November 19, 11:59 PM Pacific US) wins
  • Shipping is factored into the minimum bid so you don't need to worry about that added cost
  • Everyone is welcome! Trellis uses a card payment platform that is supported in 135+ currencies!
  • If two people bid the same amount with automated bidding, the person who set auto-bid up first will win the item
  • Buy it now wins automatically, even if there are active auto-bidders
  • Winners will receive an email promptly after the auction closes, items will be shipped within a week of the auction closing unless otherwise stipulated

For more information see the FAQs and for technical support during the auction call 866-871-1869 ext 1 or email


Year of the Tiger

According to the Chinese Zodiac, we are in the Year of the Tiger. This is fitting as the IWRC is holding our first Asia Online and India In-person courses—areas where tigers are keystone species. The tiger's lucky colors are also IWRC blue and green! Those born in the Year of the Tiger have endless energy (particularly at work), are independent, and have a keen sense of justice—sound like any rehabbers you know?

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All other rights, including copyright, retained by Joel Sartore.

In 2010 only about 3200 tigers were believed to remain in the wild and so the thirteen tiger range countries made an ambitious pledge to facilitate the doubling of the world's wild tiger populations by the next year of the tiger - 2022. Unfortunately, this goal was not met through conservation efforts. Tigers have become extinct in Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam, and there have been declines in many other countries as well. There are local success stories, however, AND this July it was discovered that, due to improved monitoring, that there are 40% more tigers than previously believed! This really is the year of the tiger!

Wildlife rehabilitators play an important role in educating the public about wild species and have historically been involved in the fight to stop illegal poaching. Let's ensure we support wildlife rehabilitation worldwide in hopes that by the next year of the tiger we see improved conservation of this beautiful species.

Help us keep afloat, give today!

Click here to donate and check the "make this a monthly donation" box to make a lasting commitment to wildlife rehabilitation!


Show your Wildside!

Support the IWRC by sporting one of these beautiful designs in a variety of different styles and colors. All shirts and hoodies are available in men's and women's cuts. Get yours here

Wear your values! On top of giving back to the IWRC, these clothes are also made of natural materials, shipped in plastic-free packaging, and made with renewable energy!

What is the IWRC?

The IWRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is dedicated to advancing conservation through wildlife rehabilitation— the temporary care for injured, sick, or orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing them back into the wild.

We strive to provide evidence-based education and resources on wildlife rehabilitation to move the field forward;

to promote wildlife conservation and welfare; and to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts worldwide, through better understanding of wild animal ecology, behavior, and welfare.

The IWRC produces foundational literature for the field, trains hundreds of aspiring and current rehabilitators annually, offers a host of resources, and provides opportunities for rehabilitators to learn from and connect with each other!

Want to know more? Please visit our IWRC page!



"IWRC helped us build a solid basis for our NGO, and gave us standards and best practices to rely on and adhere to such as the housing requirements provided in the ‘Minimum Standards for Wildlife Rehabilitation, 4th edition, 2012, NWRA & IWRC’." - Samara P. El-Haddad, Lebanese Wildlife

"I drove 8.5 hrs to take the course over a weekend and it was worth every mile and the expense to make sure I was current on wildlife rehabilitation care. Thank you IWRC for staying on top of the much needed quality rehabilitation." -Terry M., Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation

"I attended [a class] back in the early 80's, when I had my rehab permit in Texas - it was definitely worth the time and education received.... In a box somewhere I have all the materials from the classes attended. Wow, shades of the past. Glad to know you are keeping up the awesome work and there's so many individuals involved in your programs!" -Carol K., Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation

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