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IWRC is proud to partner with the Avian and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre (ARRC) to host our first IWRC course in India! Instructor and ARRC Co-founder Jayanthi Kallam is working with IWRC to host a Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation Class for members of wildlife conservation organizations. After the course our students will form a network of skilled rehabilitators, who can disseminate knowledge and appropriate techniques which will, in turn, improve wildlife care and public outreach. Please join us in supporting the wildlife and wildlife carers of India this year. If the donations in any one tier exceed our goal, the excess will be diverted to the area of greatest need in the India course. On behalf of IWRC, thank you for making the world a better place for wildlife, and a better place for us all.
Full Student Scholarship
$175.00 USD
Provide a scholarship for one international student to attend the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course. Our students take what they learn and apply it in their daily interactions with wildlife and the public, making an immediate impact on animal welfare and conservation. IWRC believes this work is essential for our wildlife care community. To this end, we invest in every student by subsidizing our Basic course cost.
Student Subsidy
$75.00 USD
Help subsidize the cost of an international student attending the Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation course. Did you know IWRC subsidizes the course cost for all of our Basic Wildlife Rehabilitation students? We believe that our course is essential to improving wildlife care worldwide.
Essential Literature
$25.00 USD
You can provide essential literature to an international student. Hard copy textbooks are essential as they provide information even when access to wifi or electricity is not available. Textbooks for international courses are generally printed locally, which decreases the printing fee. It also eliminates the carbon impact from international shipping and gives business to the local economy.
Lab Supplies
$10.00 USD
Help supply necessary items for international students to participate in one of our hands-on labs. Labs are of inestimable value to students and the wildlife they will care for. Hands-on training grants confidence and proficiency that imparts professionalism to our field and better animal welfare.
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