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Platter set with coasters
Minimum Bid $5 0 bids

Donated by Candace Graham

Ceramic Pet Dishes
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Donated by Candace Graham

Ceramic Pet Dish and Treat Jar
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Donated by Candace Graham

Norwex Pet Gift Basket
Minimum Bid $20 0 bids

Donated by Karen Woloshyn valued at $75

Smoker Package from Freedom RV
Minimum Bid $150 0 bids

Smoker package donated by Freedom RV

Armoury Brewing Co
Minimum Bid $100 0 bids

Donated by Dave Elder, Rob Elder and Armoury Brewing.


- XL Armoury Bunny Hug (Hoodie)

- Flat of Armoury beer (Blonde Ale, Jam session, Pale Ale)

- 10 x 64oz Growler Fill Punch Pass - No Exchanges, Refunds, No Cash Value. Available only at Armoury Brewing Co. 702 102nd Street North Battleford.

Value: $320

Wheelbarrow of Booze
Minimum Bid $100 0 bids

Donated by Dani Elder and Dave Gubbe.

WHEELBARROW OF BOOZE - it’s the perfect time to stock up while supporting the animals!

Vodka, Gin, Rum (including a custom blend bottle), Rye, flavoured Whiskey, Bourbon, Tequila, Baileys, red, white & sparkling wine, assorted beer and Whiteclaw.


Value: $900

Turk's Treats
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Donated by Turk's treats 5 bags of treats

Kal Tire $500 Certificate
Minimum Bid $50 0 bids

$500 gift certificate to Kale Tire North Battleford donated by Kal Tire

Donated by Outback RV
Minimum Bid $20 0 bids

Taiga Dog Food donated by outback RV 35 lbs chicken flavor

Bridges Chev
Minimum Bid $30 0 bids

Bar Fridge donated by Bridges

CAA Luggage Trio
Minimum Bid $30 0 bids

Valued at $289 donated by CAA

Battleford Boutique
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Valued at $40 super soft blanket

Bee Plus
Minimum Bid $30 0 bids

Valued at $360 donated by Bee Plus

Chic and Shabby
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Valued at $110 Donated by Chic and Shabby. Gift basket with a door mat, mug and other awesome goodies

Birdhouse by Pam Lowe Value $500
Minimum Bid $75 0 bids

Donated by Donna and Barry Svenkeson

Valley Ford
Minimum Bid $15 0 bids

Total value is $225 includes a $75 Gift Certificate to Valley Ford, water bottle, hat, road side assistance items, charging pad, and a pen set.

Lynx Ducks Unlimited value $350
Minimum Bid $50 0 bids

Donated by Barry and Donna Svenkeson

Autographed Riders picture value $100
Minimum Bid $40 0 bids

Donated by Donna and Barry Svenkeson

Ducks Unlimited Moving Out value $500-
Minimum Bid $50 0 bids

Donated by Donna and Barry Svenkeson

Barn Board Shelf
Minimum Bid $20 0 bids

Valued at $100 Beautiful Barn Board Shelf. Donated anonymously

Hair Products
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Donated by Meota Family Hair Centre and Laundry Mat Valued at $75

Rocking Bench Swing
Minimum Bid $75 0 bids

Handmade rocking bench swing donated by Len Spark

Doterra Balance & Serenity
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Valued at $65 Donated by Kellie Migneault

What does it truly mean to be “balanced”?

According to Chinese philosophy, yin and yang (two inverted black and white pieces spiraling around each other to make a complete circle) represent two forces in the universe. Yin (the dark swirl) is the passive, negative force, and yang (the light swirl) is the active, positive one.

You cannot have yang without yin. This directly relates to life. With the good comes the bad, and vice versa.

Balance means accepting you hold within you both light and dark, but not allowing one to dominate the other. Like a pendulum, finding your equilibrium between your light and dark is where you’ll strike your balance.

When your yin dominates, you may experience imbalance in the form of depressed or anxious thoughts. When your yang dominates, you may experience restlessness. A common response to a lack of balance on either side is abnormality in your sleep—whether that’s too much or too little—making this imbalance more extreme.

When your life is in disarray, sometimes the only card you have up your sleeve is sleep. Everything seems better after a good night’s rest, but what if sleep eludes you? Fortunately, the Earth provides you with everything you need to find your center, like essential oils for balance.

Let’s first address a dominant yang. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you need an oil that will help regulate your circadian rhythm.

What is Serenity?

  • Lavender
  • Cedarwood
  • Ho Wood
  • Ylang Ylang
  • Marjoram
  • Roman Chamomile
  • Vetiver 
  • Vanilla Bean
  • Hawaiian Sandalwood

The combination of oils that compose Serenity allow for a sort of rebooting in your brain, supporting normal melatonin functioning, which is responsible for your sleep-wake cycle. When melatonin is stabilized, your sleep is plentiful and your pendulum is able to find its equilibrium.

With sleep regulated, you can focus on balancing other aspects of your life. Again, a useful tool is utilizing essential oils for balance.

Oils with an earthy, wood-like aroma possess calming properties. Frankincense, for example, has been shown to be effective in reducing anxious thoughts. This is because it is a grounding oil because the tree it is derived from grows its roots deep into the earth. These roots support the tree through even the most treacherous weathering, and it will do the same for you.

Balance contains the following oils:

  • Spruce Needle
  • Ho Wood
  • Frankincense
  • Blue Tansy
  • Blue Chamomile 

The wood-like aroma of Balance will calm you down, clear your mind, and help you find tranquility.

Alice and Paul Gramlich
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

 Handmade hanging board (roughly 7x12”) with wood burned picture and two hanging towels

Partylite Symmetry Trio Candles
Minimum Bid $5 0 bids

Partylite Symmetry Trio Candles valued at $30 donated by Linzeii Steinley

Tim Hortons
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Donated by Glenn Issacc and Kim Lefeure from Tim Hortons 9803 Territorial Dr. 2 Coffee mugs $9.99 each and 2 Tim's tree décor $8.49 each 

Hand painted on glass "Rocky"
Minimum Bid $10 0 bids

Hand painted 5x7 Glass by Chloe Lloyd, staff member at the BHS Shelter. Rocky is a dog that is available for adoption at the Battlefords Humane Society.

Handmade Quilt
Minimum Bid $20 0 bids

Handmade Quilt 62 x 76 inches Donated by Evelyn Skarra on behalf of the Cotton Pickin' Quilters valued at $360

Epicure Meal Solutions
Minimum Bid $5 0 bids

Meal Solutions donated by Geri Koenig valued at $19

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