Give a cut, get a cut, donate the cost to your local frontline workers!

Haircuts For Good

Support frontline workers in your community!

Haircuts For Good

Support frontline workers in your community!

Give a cut, get a cut, donate the cost to your local frontline workers!

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It's a homemade haircut worth talking about!

COVID-19 is having a profound impact on our world, and most notably our frontline workers which include; healthcare providers, foodbanks, grocery stores, transportation and many other essential services and their families and staff – around the globe. While every Foundation has it's own needs based on their individual situations, they all rely on generous donors like you to fill the gap between government funding and the greater needs of their hospital.

We're challenging you to a COVID chop for good! Give a cut, or get a cut from a quarantine buddy and direct the funds that you would've spent on a 'professional' haircut to a frontline service of your choice.

Once you've finished your masterpiece, donate below, then share it on social media and challenge your friends to a Haircut for Good too!


For our frontline workers

It's no secret that this is a challenging time around our world, as we work together to fight COVID-19. From staying home, washing our hands, and taking care of our loved ones, we're all doing our part in this season.

But it's our frontline workers, those on the front lines who are going above and beyond to keep us safe. We're so thankful for their heroic effort to keep our communities healthy, to stop the spread of COVID-19, and care for those in critical situations as a result of this virus.

Join us as we say thank you to them, as we show our support, and as we stand together in this time - even if thats through a subpar new haircut!


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How to Participate

Check out the three step guide below to see how you can participate in the challenge


1 - Cut Hair!

Pull out the scissors or clippers and give your best shot at as a hairdresser!

Give yourself a COVID cut, or do a quick chop for a family member. You can try any look you want! We won't judge you!

2 - Donate!

Our healthcare workers need our support now more than ever.

Donate the money you would have spent on a professional haircut to the Hospital Foundation of your choice. We'll make sure they receive the funds on your behalf.


3 - Share!

Pass the love along (and maybe the clippers?) to 3 friends!

Share some before and after pics with your friends and inspire them to try a new 'do too!

Don't forget to use our hashtag when you posting your pictures for a chance to be featured in our COVID Cuts Hall of Fame!

Feel free to show your professional stylist some love with a tag on your post. This will show them you miss them and it may help them to attract new clients when this is all over.

Check out who else took part in the fun here.



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to cut my hair to donate?

No! Not sure you're ready to resort to cutting your own hair? That's okay, you can still donate through this page and direct the funds to the Frontline group of your choice.

Where is my donation going?

Your donation will be given to the Frontline group of your choice. If you don't have one in mind, pick the group closest to your community.

Why Frontline workers and essential services?

In North America and around the world, healthcare, food, transportation and many other systems are overwhelmed. Charities are doing all they can to ensure they can care for all systems that have been effected by COVID-19 as the virus continues to spread. Many are in desperate need of funds to aid their responses. We're so thankful you are choosing to support your local frontline workers in this time.

Will I like my new haircut?

We believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Should you not be satisfied with your cut, we're confident it'll grow on you.


Are you a Stylist or a Barber?

First of all, we're really thankful for you and can't wait to see you as soon as we can.

In the meantime, maybe you can help us share the word about Haircuts for Healthcare. You can encourage your followers to tag you in their posts this may help you to add to your following. (and give us a tip or two on how to cut our hair straight?)

Send us an email us at if you'd like to partner with us on this initiative!

COVID Cuts Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame we don't want to be a part of now, but will somebody laugh about (hopefully).

Have a cut worthy of the Hall of Fame? Share it with us on social media, using the hashtag #haircutsforgood or email us at

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Haircuts for Good
An organization under the Collective Impact Foundation (a Canadian Registered Non Profit), Haircuts for Good is helping get much needed funds to our frontline workers across North America.
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