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Celebrating Her Voice

We are canceling our large in-person fundraising events for the foreseeable future to avoid large groups of people gathering. This includes Celebrating Her Voice on April 1st.

If you have a ticket, you can receive a refund or you will have the option to donate the $65 and receive a tax receipt. Please contact Her International directly if you have any questions or concerns:

On the horizon, we commit to hosting ‘Gathering’ webinars. We will be building community online as many of us are separated physically from social distancing and quarantines. We are inviting experts to share knowledge through virtual, video conferencing workshops.

We already have workshops lined up that will teach: dancing, singing, writing poetry, motivational talks, grounding techniques, work-from-home tips, and so much more! You can engage with other participants or simply sit back anonymously, watch and learn.

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