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Bridges to Hope Food Aid Centre is partnering with the Million Dollar Bus Project to raise $5000 and launch a new program - Smart Snack - Empowering kids to be healthy, not hungry. And we need your help!

Every month, Bridges to Hope sees 200+ kids come through their door in need of food aid assistance. The goal is to address this need by providing these children with kits of nutritious snacks they wouldn't otherwise have access to. Each kit will contain 4-5 days worth of healthy essential food items.

Please make a donation and help us jumpstart this important initiative. Together we can address the need to feed kids, by helping them be happier and healthier so they can focus on just being kids. 

Campaign Update - New Stretch Goals!

We have had such an amazing community response to the launch of the Smart Snack Program that we have almost reached our initial $5000 goal!

But, we don't want to stop there... 

Because this program is so important we are very excited to announce new "Stretch Goals" to try and help fund this program for longer than our initial 10 week goal. 
The next stage of funding will be to raise $7500 to fund the Smart Snack Program right until the first week of October. 
Then if we can reach that goal, we will shoot for the full $13,500 which will fund this amazing program right until the beginning of 2019!
Thanks you for your support and generosity. Together, ​we​ ​can​ ​create​ ​a​ ​community​ ​where​ ​no​ ​child​ ​feels​ ​the​ ​shame​ ​of​ ​dealing​ ​with​ a lack of ​food​ ​security.

How it Works

With each $10 you can provide a child with a Smart Snack kit containing 4-5 days of healthy snacks. 

Each kit will contain a balance of protein, fruit, dairy, and a healthy homemade snack such as an energy bite or bran muffin.

A meal plan will also be provided in each kit to assist parents with easy portioning, budgeting and educational information about healthy snacks for their children. 

Bonus Reward: Add a Square to the Million Dollar Bus!

With each donation you will also get to add a square decal to the outside of the Million Dollar Bus as a public show of your support!

You can upload your logo, a picture of you or your family, or your favorite inspiring quote and it will be printed out and added to the outside the bus.

The more you donate, the bigger your square and the more impact you can create for children here in St John’s.

About The Million Dollar Bus

The Million Dollar Bus is a national nonprofit initiative that serves as both a CSR Platform (Corporate Social Responsibility) and social fundraising engine.

We are giving a boost to purposeful, nonprofit initiatives that are creating a positive change in their community but are in need of support.

By launching local fundraising and awareness campaigns for these grassroots initiatives we are helping to give them the boost they need to increase their capacity for impact, with the intent that they become more sustainable.

About Bridges To Hope

Bridges to Hope is St John’s largest food-aid centre. They serve over 1000 people a month, with a variety of programs and food assistance helping to alleviate the burden of poverty for at-risk members of the community. 

‍Bridges' programming offers help to any and all who require their services. It's not a hand out - it's a hand up, helping Newfoundland families and individuals move forward in life. Their clients come from all over the Northeast Avalon as neighbors, co - workers, friends. Hunger is not always recognizable. That is why at Bridges to Hope, the motto is "Neighbors feeding Neighbors.

Bridges to Hope is committed to reducing the effects of poverty on individuals and families through education and access to wholesome, essential, nutritious food. 

Donate today and help us to change the world, one square inch at a time.