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Grow your business and delight your clients with Trellis. Become a Trellis Partner to connect with charities that need your services and fundraising expertise. Help us Power Global Collective Impact. Become a Trellis Partner and start growing your impact.

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Trellis Partner

Grow your business as a Trellis Partner with a company listing on the Trellis website, custom marketing materials, and client referrals.

Trellis Trusted Partner

Stand-out from the crowd and delight your clients. Become a Trusted Partner by raising $100k or completing 3 fundraisers through Trellis.

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Grow your business and showcase your expertise. Become a Gold Trusted Partner by raising $500k through Trellis.

Become a Partner
Trellis Partner Trellis Trusted Partner Gold Trusted Partner
Customized marketing materials to help grow your business Yes Yes Yes
Company listing on the Trellis website to get in front of potential clients Yes Yes Yes
Differentiate your business with a highlighted company listing No Yes Yes
Grow your reach with featured posts on the Trellis social media pages No Yes Yes
Opportunities to share your expertise in a Trellis blog or resource guide No Yes Yes
Save money for your clients with a discounted Trellis starting fee of 3% No Yes Yes
Grow your business with direct client referrals and introductions No No Yes
Reach more clients with a prioritized company listing that appears at the top No No Yes
Opportunities to run a Trellis Webinar and share your expertise with potential clients No No Yes
Priority support for your clients No No Yes
Save money for your clients with a discounted Trellis starting fee of 2.5% No No Yes

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Trellis Info & Benefits

Easily delight your clients with a brief info pack and demo link for Trellis to help kick-off their research.

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Why it’s Time for Virtual

Save time explaining the benefits of going virtual to your clients with our brief guide on why it’s time to fundraise virtually!

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Grow your business and delight your clients with Trellis
Drew Vincent founder of Stay at Home Fundraising - Trellis Partner

“I built my virtual event business with Trellis! After covid hit, I launched my first fundraiser on Trellis and a few months later, I had 10 new charity clients. I use Trellis for all my events, not because I have to but because Trellis helps me raise more money for my clients.”

Drew Vincent, CEO of Stay At Home Fundraising

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