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“I am the most resistant person to adopt new technology you will ever meet in your life, and our technology lead will attest to that. . . but I am 100% an advocate of using Trellis.”

Shannon Christensen, CEO Mamas for Mamas
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Increase your revenue or your money back

We strongly believe that if you follow our fundraising suggestions and utilize the revenue driving features available on trellis, that you will raise more money than your previous event. We want to help you experience this success so, if you don’t raise more money, we will refund your trellis fee, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are included in my plan?

All Trellis fundraising features are included with each plan! Review the complete list of features here.

What are my payment processing options?

Trellis uses Stripe, the leading global payment processor for all transaction processing. Stripe fees with major credit cards are 2.45% + $0.30. To learn more click here.

“We certainly loved having a customizable page that looked like our branding. Whether we were selling a bag or had an auction going, tickets to the event, everything was focused on one site”

Jen Russell, Development and Communications Officer, GBGH

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