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Number 1

How to customize your fundraising page

Setting up your account.

Number 2

Optimizing your page

Adding additional fundraising drivers to raise more for your cause.

Number 3

Start Selling Tickets

Launching your fundraiser and running your raffle.

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“What I appreciated most was when I had a challenge or a problem, we could email Trellis and it was fixed.. immediate responses and support that you don’t get with other platforms.”

Linda Cunliffe
Soroptimist International

    “What we love the most is how customizable the pages are and the support from trellis, it is really easy to get ahold of the Trellis team.”

    Holly Lillie
    Alberta Institute of Wildlife Conservation

    Powering fundraisers for organizations across North America

    Trellis - Powering fundraisers for organizations across North America

    and many more …

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