Recognizing Stress in Children and How You Can Help.

Workshop collaborated by Kelowna and East Kootenay Child Care Resource & Referral

Objectives for “Recognizing Stress in Children and How You Can Help” workshop:

1. Understand the difference between a stressor and the stress response

2. Understand the hard-wired process of the stress response

3. Understand the presentation of stress in children (what does it look like)

4. Understand what may exacerbate stress in children (what makes it worse)

5. Learn some strategies to effectively recognize and help manage stress for the children under your care.

About the Presenter

Rishma Dhalla has been a registered Occupational Therapist for the last 25+ years. She has worked in many settings in both the public and private health care systems. Rishma is also a cancer survivor, so she has a keen understanding of stress and its impacts on health and well-being. After her cancer treatments, Rishma began teaching stress management at a local hospital. Through her research on the topic, as well as her own personal search to manage stress, Rishma has accumulated a wealth of knowledge surrounding stress. Rishma would like to share this knowledge, in particular with childcare providers, in the hope of starting the process of stress management as early in life as possible, to achieve more positive health outcomes.


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