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Safe Spaces

Come share your story + join the movement! Spaces Innovation is teaming up with You Are Collective to bring you Safe Spaces, a place for the community to share openly about mental health + illness to raise awareness. Please get as creative as you want in sharing your story, whether it's a monologue sharing an experience, a poem about what mental health means to you or any other way you can come up with! Contributors will be notified after five minutes of sharing and then be encouraged to wrap-up their final thoughts. If you're not up for sharing during the evening, we gladly welcome you as a member of the audience - let's support one another. This is a space of non-judgment and inclusiveness as we aim to keep the conversation going surrounding mental health + illness.

Doors Open at 5PM

Mic's Open at 5:30PM w/ special guest + local comedian, Paige Mathison

*Accepting toy and food donations at the door 

Organized by
You Are Collective
You Are Collective is a local Okanagan initiative to raise awareness and increase education for mental health and illness. When we (Michael & Rebecca) first sought out to raise money for mental health, we did it based on the lack of resources and accessibility we noticed while we were going through our own struggles. We often felt alone and isolated as the stigma around mental health and illness affected us whether it was at work, school, home, public ... You name it. And the devastating part is that it's still there. We noticed a huge gap in the mental health community and set to work using apparel and our voices as a vehicle for our movement.
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