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Sid Dickens Memory Blocks Silent Auction

By: Children's Heart Network of BC

Sid Dickens Memory Blocks Silent Auction

By: Children's Heart Network of BC
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October 14, 2023 8:00 AM PDT - October 15, 2023 8:00 PM PDT

Bid on these gorgeous Sid Dickens Memory Blocks!

In collaboration with B.C. artist Sid Dickens, our Hearts of Gold youth painted these precious ceramic hearts during one of their online get togethers. Sid then mounted these works of art to unique Memory Blocks designed exclusively for the CHN.

We invite you to bid on these collector items beginning Saturday, Oct. 14th at 8 a.m. and ending Sunday, Oct. 15th at 8:00/8:15 p.m.

Items will be be shipped for an additional cost of $39 per Memory Block within North America, shipping will automatically be added to your invoice. If you would like to pick up in Vancouver then we can issue a credit for the shipping. Visa & Mastercard accepted.

Silent Auction

Silent Auction Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully.

Silent Auction item bids may be placed electronically via your computer or mobile device. Bids will be accepted in the order they are entered into the bidding system and the final bid winners will be notified on October 15, 2023.

The opening bid amount and minimum bid increments are identified on each auction item screen. You may raise your competitor’s bids as often as you wish.

FYI: Staggered End Times/SMS Text Notifications/Increments etc:

We have staggered the end times for 8:00pm and 8:15pm to make it easier to bid on multiple memory blocks towards the end. You may sign up for SMS text notifications to receive instant notices on your mobile device if being outbid. We do recommend that neither be relied upon and suggest that you check back near the auction's closing time to avoid being outbid.

You must opt-in to receive SMS notifications. To do this, visit 'My Account' – ensure your phone number is correct and check the boxes under "Notifications" (you can be notified by email and text/sms).

At the top of the main page please see our "Donations" button This can be used even if you aren't a winning bidder and would like to make a donation directly to our camps. You will receive a tax receipt for the full amount. 

The Children's Heart Network of BC, in presenting this Silent Auction, makes every effort to properly describe all Silent Auction items. All items are sold “as is”, and The Children's Heart Network of BC neither warrants nor represents and shall in no event be responsible for the correctness of the description, genuineness, authorship, provenance, value or condition of the property.

No statement contained in the description of the Silent Auction item or made orally at the auction or elsewhere shall be deemed to be warranty, representation, or assumption of liability. Payment must be made in full immediately following the closing of the Silent Auction.

Payment may be made using Visa, MasterCard, Amex or personal cheque made payable to The Children's Heart Network of BC. Payment by the successful bidder should be made via the link emailed upon closing of the auction or at the Children's Heart Network of BC Office as soon as possible following the item’s sale.

Winning bidders will be charged $39 per Memory Block for shipping. Winning bidders have the option of picking up their item from a central Vancouver location, and will be reimbursed the cost of shipping. Pick up should occur within one week following the auction. Unpaid items will be sold to the next highest bidder if not paid and claimed by October 20, 2023. The Children's Heart Network of BC will not be held responsible for unclaimed merchandise after November 20, 2023.

All sales are final. There will be no exchange or refund on items by the Children's Heart Network of BC, or the donor, except where specified. The Children's Network of BC reserves the right to withdraw, at their discretion, any lot from the auction. Tax receipts will not be issued for auction items purchased. Participation in the auction constituted acceptance by the bidder of all the rules and conditions as set out in this document.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the auction?

You can join the auction from this link:

How do I bid on an item?

To bid on an item, click the “view and bid” button. If this is the first time you are bidding on an item in this auction you will be prompted to enter your email address and create a password to login to the auction. You will also be required to add in your credit card details to place a bid. Once logged in, you can bid on as many items as you wish!

How do I bid anonymously? 

Bidding anonymously is easy! Sign up or log in to create your account. Once logged in, click on your name in the top right corner. Select My Account and look for the checkbox to Bid Anonymously.

When do I pay for the item I won?

It's done automatically! When the auction closes your credit card will be charged for any won items, based on the card details you shared before you placed your first bid. You'll be notified of this charge to your account by email and text notifications.

How will I know if I’ve been outbid?

When you are outbid on an item, you will receive an email letting you know you’ve been outbid. You also have the option to enable text notifications for quick updates or browser notifications.

How will I know if I’ve won?

When the auction is closed, everyone will receive an email notifying them if they won an items or not.

How will I know when the auction starts and ends?

If you sign into the auction before it begins, you will receive an email when the auction begins and another email when the auction closes.

What happens if two people bid the same amount with automated bidding?

The first person to set up their bids with automated bidding will win the item when the auction closes. We'd encourage you to set up automated bidding early so you have the best chances of winning!

How will I receive my item?

Memory Blocks are wrapped safely and shipped to the winning bidder. Shipping cost ($39) is automatically added to your item when you check out. If you prefer to pick up from a central Vancouver location, please get in touch and you will be reimbursed the cost of shipping.

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