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    platform have to say about trellis.

    "Before engaging with Trellis, we weren't taking advantage of online campaigns. Our metrics were stagnant."  

    "We started working with Trellis and in just 15 minutes I had built a page that resulted in a 20% increase in doantions and automated my workflows."

     - Sarah Anne Taylor, Manager of Giving, LinkedIn, July 2019
    Sarah Anne Taylor
    Manager of Giving 

    "Before engaging with Trellis, we had to use eventbrite. It was 25% more expensive and we had to do manual receipting and messaging ourselves."  

    "We started working with Trellis and everything was eaiser, not only did I save money for the Food Bank but I also made it really easy on the revenue development staff. They could see everything happening around the event, they got all the transparency and data without having to worry about any of the boring stuff like tax receipting, it was all automated."

     - Cody Pollard, 3rd Party Champion for the Food Bank, LinkedIn, November 2018
    Cody Pollard
    3rd Party Champion

    "Before engaging with Trellis, we were using all these different event management softwares. Our metrics were ok, but not charity focussed."  

    "We started working with Trellis. The results were great, we sold 40% more tickets than we thought"

     - Brett Kryskow, Vice President, LinkedIn, May 2019
    Brett Kryskow
    Vice President
    Okanagan Mainline Football Society
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