The Great Kelowna Scavenger Hunt

The Great Kelowna Scavenger Hunt presented by Urban Elegance homes and hosted by Elevation Outdoors and the BC Wine, Cider and Spirits Festival is a day long event to support some of the many businesses impacted by Covid-19 while also raising funds for Elevation Outdoors and the Rotary Club of Kelowna Morningside in their efforts to make a positive impact in our community. Participants will receive clues to help them find the prizes that will be scattered all across the Downtown area. First group to find the locations wins the prize for that spot.


How it all works.

With the negative impacts of Covid-19 being felt all across our community we wanted to create an event that not only raises funds for Elevation Outdoors, but also gives back to our community.

We are committed to taking 30% of all the funds raised and putting it right back into the community through the purchase of gift cards to as many locally owned and operated businesses as we can. The more money that is raised, but more support local business and charity receives, and the more prizes there are for participants to find!

If $30,000 is raised it creates a $10,000 injection to our local business community while also helping create full scholarships in Elevation Outdoors outdoor recreation programs for youth in need as well as contributes funds to the good work that the Rotary Club of Kelowna Moringside does in our community supporting a wide range of worthy causes.


How will I find the prizes?

Sign up as a solo player, or grab your crew, your kids or your co-workers and register as a team.

On Saturday August 22nd all players will receive an email with the first round of clues at 11:00 a.m. to help you locate the prize locations. As the day goes by additional clues will be released, making it a bit easier each time to find the remaining prizes.

Unravel the clues to find the locations. The first group to arrive will find a "Great Kelowna Scavenger Hunt" icon. Grab to icon, snap a photo of you and your team at the spot, email it to us right away to verify the time you were there and we will hook you up with the prize for that location.

Prizes will range from $25 - $200 in value, so all you have to do is find 1-2 locations before everyone else, and its like you get a fun day of supporting your community for free!


Where will the prizes be?

Location markers will be hidden, with 3 different clues to help you find them through out the day. With the prize boundaries being Knox Mountain to the North, Gordon Dr to the East, and Sutherland as the Southern boundary it will allow participants to ditch their cars and get some exercise while looking for prizes!

Once you find the prize marker you will need to snap a photo of you/your group with it in the location and text it to our team. Once we receive the photo we will let you know what you have won.

As locations are confirmed to be found we will update the clue sheet to indicate what has been located so teams are not spending time hunting for what is no longer available.


How is the event responding to Covid-19 concerns?

As this event was created as a way to help our community rally together as a response to the negative impacts of Covid-19, we are also working hard to ensure that the participants can participate in a safe manner as well.

Below you can see some of the many steps we will be taking to ensure we can all get out and have some fun, while ensuring our good friend Dr. Bonnie Henry's guidelines are being adhered to.

  • All prize locations will be located outside.
  • Prize locations will be located between Knox Mountain and the Downtown area so that all participants can walk/run/bike/skateboard/scooter/wheelchair or any other non-car transportation from one spot to the next as you track down the prizes.
  • As teams locate a prize location they will be asked to call/text it in to our team so we can updated the location list informing others when a prize has been found so multiple groups are not showing up to the same spot all day long.
  • We strongly recommend groups sizes of no larger than 6 made up of people within your existing bubble. If there are more than 6 please consider registering as two groups and splitting up to double your prize hunting capacity!
  • Prize pick up will be organized so teams can send 1 group member to pick up the prizes they located.
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