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Hospital Foundation's 8th

Annual Radiothon

Fundraising for a new Operating Room Table for Temiskaming

Hospital's OR


Hospital Foundation's 8th

Annual Radiothon

Fundraising for a new Operating Room Table for Temiskaming

Hospital's OR

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Temiskaming Hospital Foundation's

8th Annual Radiothon

Once again, our 8th Annual Radiothon will be held online so we can safely raise funds for a new Operating Room Table for Temiskaming Hospital.

The Operating Room Table is the foundation of care inside the Operating Room. Temiskaming Hospital's current Operating Room Tables are 10 years old. While both are due for replacement, we are hoping to raise enough funds to purchase 1 of the 2 Operating Room Tables needed to help support our surgical services program at Temiskaming Hospital.

Please consider donating to our 8th Annual Radiothon to help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 on February 24th, 2022.

Donations can also be made offline via cash or cheques sent to the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation at 421 Shepherdson Road in New Liskeard.

Tune in to CJTT 104.5FM from 9 am to 3 pm to follow our progress during our 7th Annual Radiothon and hear live, on-air updates from our Board of Directors.

Thank you to CJTT for your support of our 8th Annual Radiothon.

"A new operating table will allow our hospital to continue offering safe and timely medical procedures to the entire district. Having a new OR table will create potential opportunities for expansion of our surgical services in the community and ensure residents receive procedures and medical care close to home. This in turn may help reduce the emotional and financial burden for residents who need to travel to different areas for service."

Angie Manners, Vice President of Patient Services/Chief Nursing Executive

Physician Testimonials

Image of <p>Dr. Nichole Currie</p>

Dr. Nichole Currie

“Temiskaming Hospital provides a range of general surgery, urologic and obstetrical/gynaecological surgical procedures. Our current OR tables have not been updated in years. It is time to upgrade our OR beds to provide modern, versatile and safe equipment for our patients needing surgery."

Image of <p>Dr. Khaled Elgadi</p>

Dr. Khaled Elgadi

"Temiskaming Hospital's philosophy of keeping "Care Close to Home" requires continuing efforts to improve and modernize our equipment and therefore the possibility of expanding the scope of services offered to our community. Our current OR table is old and not best suited for laparoscopic surgeries. A new, more modern OR table will make surgery safer and faster. Good, quality equipment will help attract more surgical talent to hopefully give us the chance to expand the scope of this community's surgical services. Purchasing this table will help in achieving these goals."

"Acquiring a replacement Operating Room Table would greatly contribute to Temiskaming Hospital's ability to continue and expand the surgical services provided to our community."

Jessica Stewart, Operating Room/Post Anaesthetic Care Unit/Obstetrical/Nursing Clinical Nurse Manager & IPAC

The centerpiece to Operating Room procedures is the Operating Room Table!


About Our Surgical Program

Temiskaming Hospital provides surgical services to approximately 33,000 people residing in the Timiskaming District. Temiskaming Hospital's surgical program provides quality services and care close to home and includes two general surgeons who provide regular service to our community. A general locum position works collaboratively with Dr. Khaled Elgadi (Chief of Surgical Services) providing regular, monthly surgical and consultative services ranging from preventative screening aligning with Cancer Care Ontario's guidelines to emergent surgical stabilization of trauma patients.


Approximately 1,000 surgical cases are

performed per year along with approximately 150 Caesarean sections (C-sections) serving the full age range of our community.

Obstetrical surgeries are available 24-hours a day by Dr. Nichole Currie and Dr. Khaled Elgadi.


About the Operating Room Table:

The centerpiece to operating room procedures is the operating room table. It is where surgeons start patients on the path to recovery, where the operating team comes together to keep operations running smoothly, and it is where patients are positioned during this critical life moment. As the foundation for where care happens, it's imperative that patients are supported by a device that ensures versatility, efficiency and most importantly, safety. This intuitive equipment allows the surgical team to focus solely on the patient, streamline operative procedures and immediately adapt to patient needs.

Features of the new Operating Room Table:

  • Versatile: The Operating Room table supports a wide range of positions across various surgical applications
  • Safe: Provides high patient weight capacity of up to 1000 lbs with collision controls and self-level floor locking system
  • Efficient: Allows for ergonomic handling for surgeon and staff and 360 degree imaging
  • Intuitive: Provides quick set up time for a variety of surgeries making modifications to the bed quick and easy.

The new bed supports a variety of surgical applications and supports a wide range of surgeries including: cardiovascular, thyroid, kidney, gynecology and orthopedics which is important if we look to expand our surgical services program in the future at Temiskaming Hospital.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the government fund patient equipment for hospitals?

No, the government does not fund the Temiskaming Hospital for patient care equipment.

Hospitals in Ontario receive funding to cover their day-to-day operations from the Ministry of

Health; however, the hospital is accountable for developing fundraising

campaigns for patient care equipment, infrastructure renewal and facility upgrades.

Do I have to donate online?

Not at all! While we encourage online donations, we are also accepting cash or cheques. Please mail cash and cheques to the attention of the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation at 421 Shepherdson Road in New Liskeard. Donations made through the Trellis website will automatically receive a tax receipt. Tax receipts for cash and cheque donations will be sent out by mail in the weeks following the Radiothon. Please do not donate through the Foundation's website ( in order to make donation tracking on the day-of much easier!

Will I receive a tax receipt?

Donations $20 and above are eligible for a tax receipt.

Why Your Support Matters!

In 2016, the Temiskaming Hospital Foundation created our Care Close to Home campaign in order to replace $6.5M worth of aging and outdated equipment at Temiskaming Hospital.

To date, we have raised nearly $5.4M and purchased many important pieces of equipment for Temiskaming Hospital including:

Infant Care Beds

Smart Patient Beds


Infant ECG Machine

Mobile Radiographic System

Pulmonary Function Testing Machine

CT Contrast Injector

and more!

Our Care Close to Home campaign is wrapping up in less than 2 months (March 31st, 2022) and we need your help in reaching our goal!

Our Board of Directors

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Jim Rowe


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Georgette Saxton


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Pat Willard-Inglis


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Mike Baker


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Jim Brookfield


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Richard Males


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Tammie Caldwell


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