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Trees for a Brighter Future 2021 Des Sapins pour un Avenir Plus Brillant

In Support of: Inclusion Advocacy SENB Promotion de l'inclusion

Trees for a Brighter Future 2021 Des Sapins pour un Avenir Plus Brillant

In Support of: Inclusion Advocacy SENB Promotion de l'inclusion

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December 3, 2021 6:30 PM AST - December 13, 2021 3:30 PM AST
link will be emailed to ticket holders December 3rd

Trees for a Brighter Future 2021

Des Sapins pour un Avenir Plus Brillant

On Friday, December 3rd, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., Inclusion Advocacy SENB (IA SENB) will host an evening dedicated to raising money and awareness towards securing appropriate supports that enable individuals to live, learn, work, and participate with dignity as respected, valued and contributing members of their community.

You are cordially invited to attend the 17th annual Trees for a Brighter Future experiential online event featuring online auctions, raffle, fun activities, door prizes, dinner and entertainment that you can enjoy with your family and friends from the comfort of your home!

Take this opportunity to gather your bubble friends and family, get dressed up in your holiday gala best or your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters, order dinner in from one of our local restaurant partners, register to bid on our online Auction items, and show your support for people who have an intellectual, developmental disability (some of the most vulnerable and at risk members of our communities)!

In an effort to be more inclusive to everyone, this year tickets are available by donation. The first 50 people to reserve their ticket and make a donation of $50 or more will not only receive a yummy snack pack, but they will also receive a Silver Trees for A Brighter Future commemorative Tree Ornament 3.75" x3" with hanger, pkged in a decorative gift box (To From on back of box).

The event will LIVE STREAM!

Ticket holders will receive the hyperlink by email on Friday, December 3, 2021.

Scroll down to see the Silent Auction link, Items for Sale including the "12 Days Before Christmas" Raffle tickets, Suggested Donation Levels, Our Annual Impact, Entertainment, Local Dine-at-Home Offers, and Sponsors!

Silent Auction

Avez-vous vos billets? Have you got your tickets yet?

Looking for a little wining and dining outside of the awkward office party?

The perfect opportunity to celebrate the festive season with colleagues and partners or friends and family from the comfort of your home. Get your crew (COVID-19 compliant), and join us to support a great cause!

At times like these, when we come together great things happen, and we know that this will be no different.

We are so grateful for your ongoing support and cannot wait to bring this stunning online event to our community.


Silent Auction! Encan Silencieux !

Ouverture de l'encan/Auction opens:

Vendredi 26 novembre à midi

Friday, November 26th, at 12:00 pm

Fermeture de l'encan/Auction closes:

Lundi 13 decembre à 20 h 30

Monday, December 13th, at 8:30 pm

L'encan silencieux est ouvert au public - il n'est pas nécessaire d'avoir un billet pour le gala pour y participer. Tous les profits seront remis à Promotion de l'inclusion SENB.

Silent auction is open to the public to bid - no gala ticket required. All proceeds go to Inclusion Advocacy SENB.

To view the AUCTION TREES before December 3rd, check out the Facebook event Trees for a Brighter Future / Des sapins pour un avenir plus brillant

Go right to the silent auction and check back often as we're adding more items daily:

Click here to buy your tickets!

Our Annual Impact


individuals from birth to seniors, and their families served in South East New Brunswick


direct advocacy consultations held in 2019


meetings conducted toward securing funds through grants and community fundraising efforts in 2019


hours of adult literacy instruction in 2019

Hear it from them:

"My name is Dorothy this is how Inclusion Advocacy has helped me, by writing a letter to my social worker to tell her I have been coming to class for 7 years and helping me contact N.B. Housing I attend adult learning classes, I have improved my reading, spelling writing math skills. I have learned to use computers. Classes get me out of the house and give me a chance to socialize and make new friends and gives us a chance to help each other. I am proud that I live alone with no supports. I am starting to talk to people when there is something bothering me."

"Our child has had minimal contact outside of our home since graduating high school over 5 years ago. Until we found IA SENB. He now attends school and actual sessions there, where he has real conversations with his peers while at the same time broadening his horizons and learning new things. IA SENB has so much to offer him that we as parents alone cannot. We now look towards the future with hope and are encouraged that he may well achieve his dream of having an apartment, a job and a support dog."

"Living with a disability is challenging, but I like to use it as a teaching tool for others. I was born with Cerebral Palsy and I use an electric chair as my legs and feet to get me to where I’m going. Having a disability wasn’t my choice, however, I do choose to help people understand that we are the same as everyone else. We may do things differently, but at the end of the day we get the job done.

I grew up with two siblings that didn’t have disabilities and my family taught and treated me like I was no different than anybody else. I was told by the education system I would never graduate high school let alone go to college. When people doubt my abilities it only makes me more determined to be successful and prove them wrong. Not only did I complete high school, I also graduated from college and have a successful career. People never thought I’d be able to live on my own, but here I am. I have supports that come in to help me with the basic needs that most people take for granted such as, showering, dressing, using the bathroom, and preparing meals. I am just like you; I want all the same things, including my independence. I just need a little help along the way. That doesn’t mean you have to pity me; let’s face it, I don’t know anything different.

Disabilities vary from person to person, some are invisible and some visible and stick out like a sore thumb! It’s hard for a lot of people to get past my chair and see me as a person, especially when it comes to employment opportunities. I became tired of people not taking me seriously. Many potential employers see a disability and are afraid it will create more work for them and simply look the other way. Also, most buildings aren’t actually accessible so I had to take matters into my own hands and started a small business of my own.

Life is hard enough when you don’t have a disability, but it’s even more challenging when you do. We have to prove to people what we are capable of and that’s why I became a vocal part of the community and sit on committees and boards. The public needs to know what people with disabilities can bring to the table.

I didn’t get to where I am today because I sat back and had it handed to me. I am where am because I fought for everything I have. I also had the support of my family and Inclusion Advocacy when things got really tough. I can honestly say I look forward to the day when people don’t see the disability, but rather the ability of the person. One day you may be in the same position so take a chance on someone with a disability, you may be surprised at what we have to offer."  


Festive Hot Chocolate Demo with Amber Richards

Join our livestream to learn how to mix our specially curated #IASENBTreesforaBrighterFuture festive hot chocolate alongside Amber Richards of Amber Effect Events!

Let's all try this together!

Get prepped early by picking up our signature ingredient essentials in advance. Check your email for the shopping list!


Image of <p>Santa Claus</p>

Santa Claus

Bring the kids so they can chat with Santa!

Image of <p>Bruised Orange</p>

Bruised Orange

“Peel my layers, fill my cracks, pay attention, What’s in between? The healing can’t start ’til after the bleed” (Oh No Oh No)

These lyrics exemplify Bruised Orange’s laidback and thought provoking approach to song writing. This Moncton based roots outfit, made up of Roger Cormier and Steve Long, has refused to wait for storms to pass but rather chose to dance in the rain. This is honest working class music intended to strike a chord in the hearts of anyone listening.

Bruised Orange


Local Dine-at-Home Offers

We are proudly collaborating with our innovative food & beverage supporters to bring some of our favourite food to you at home on December 3rd! 


*Note these options will only be available in certain regions.

Mama's Restaurant

Order take-out from Mama's Restaurant and 20% from each order will be donated back to Inclusion Advocacy SENB when you reference or comment TREES!

Call (506) 856-5000 or go online to to place your order by Dec. 3rd. Pick up or delivery.

Try their delicious Pizza & Mediterranean Food


Avez-vous vos billets? Have you got your tickets yet?

Organized by
Inclusion Advocacy SENB
Inclusion Advocacy is a local non-profit, registered charity, dedicated to protecting the rights and promoting the interests of individuals with intellectual disability and developmental disabilities, and their families in South East New Brunswick. . We are an association working with partners to build community and to enhance the lives of children, youth and, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families by supporting abilities, promoting action and advancing rights, responsibilities and social justice.
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