We're Making Soup With Chef Bashir

In September local produce is still plentiful, but we crave warmth, as the weather gets just a little bit colder. September 22nd, we make soup with one of Canada's new generation of great chefs, Bashir Munye. Known for simple, yet beautifully complex cooking, Bashir is a true global food ambassador. His food knowledge embraces many geographical boundaries, including Somalia, where he was born, Italy where he was raised and Toronto, his home for the last 22 years.

A passionate promoter of accessible and diverse food, representative of Toronto's urban, multicultural communities, Bashir will teach us how to make Moroccan Harira. A zesty tomato based soup with chickpeas, lentils and fragrant spices, Harira consistently ranks high on lists of must taste Moroccan dishes. "Get your soup on," and join us for a souper evening in support of Stone Soup Network.

Individual Tickets or Choose Buy 1: Give 1

We've got two ticket options for our 90 minute soup

making party. Individual tickets: $40 -- or choose our Buy 1 : Give 1 option: $60. Buy 1: Give 1, means you've got a ticket and your generousity provides a ticket to a Stone Soup Network client.

Whichever ticket option you choose, we'll send you the full recipe and prep instructions in advance. By the way, it's okay for ticket holders to just watch the cooking, this will still be a great evening in support of a great cause. There are even a few prizes to be won.


Have you got your tickets yet?


Who is Stone Soup?

Like many mighty initiatives the Stone Soup Network, was inspired by a powerful folktale. It has grown from a grassroots initiative in 2017, to today's technology driven gift matching platform, enabling local businesses to provide more than 1000 gifts of much needed products and services to families and individuals in need, in the last year alone.

Leveraging an online storefront and working collaboratively with a wide range of social service connectors, Stone Soup engages the local business community to provide gifts of items like day camp spaces as day camping is allowed again, pharmacy gift cards for isolated seniors, even a new haircut for a job seeker, when haircuts get the green light. Incubated in Toronto's Bloor West community, Stone Soup will soon launch in Ottawa, and beyond. Supporting Stone Soup with a ticket, donation, or combo of the two, will help us further scale this simple, yet powerful approach to sharing abundance in the 21st century.

Our name comes from the version of the Stone Soup folktale where 3 travelling monks convince a group of skeptical townspeople to contribute small amounts of food in order to make a meal that everyone in town might share. As each person opened their heart to give, the next person gave even more. Once the soup was ready the townspeople brought even more food to the communal table and gathered as they had never done before to share in a communal feast. The lesson of the tale is that we are each richer for sharing.

Stone Soup Impact at a Glance


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