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All funds raised by this Marketplace will support the greatest needs of Women’s College Hospital - a world leader in revolutionizing healthcare for women and for everyone.


In this Marketplace, all the items and experiences, or the businesses or individuals who donated them, are connected to the mission of Women’s College Hospital in some special way. We hope you will take note of who they are and will support them as you can outside of this Marketplace during these challenging times.


There is something special that we encourage you to consider as you check out the items and experiences included in this Marketplace: the idea of paying it forward. For example, we have included a Coffee & Conversation series featuring 30 minute conversations with a variety of accomplished individuals. As you look through these, consider passing this potential mentorship experience along to a deserving person in your life. That said, we also encourage you to “put on your own mask first” and purchase something nice for yourself! 

Thank you and enjoy!

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A Unique Niagara Wine Tasting Experience
Invite your friends to join you for a curated tast...
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A Conversation with Michele Romanow
Join Michele for an exclusive 30 minute virtual Co...
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A Conversation with Darryl Sittler
Join Darryl for an exclusive 30 minute virtual Cof...
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A Conversation with Shulamit Sappire
Join Shulamit for an exclusive 30 minute virtual C...
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Interior Design Day with Glenn Dixon
Are you afraid you will make the wrong decisions r...
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Norseman Build Contract #1
Start Your Dream Renovation Today! Bid for the opp...

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About Women for Women's

Women for Women’s is the annual signature fundraising event hosted by Women’s College Hospital Foundation in support of Women’s College Hospital. This year will be the 10th annual event, and we’re going virtual!

During a 1.5 hour live national broadcast, guests will have access to world-leading research and empowering women’s health information from Women’s College Hospital experts Dr. Ruth Heisey and Dr. Aisha Lofters. Guests will also enjoy special musical performances and have an opportunity to chart a new course for the future of healthcare.

To learn more or purchase tickets, please visit www.womenforwomens.ca

To learn more about Women's College Hospital, please visit: www.womenscollegehospital.ca

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Women's College Hospital Foundation
Women’s College Hospital Foundation (WCHF) is dedicated to supporting Women’s College Hospital as it revolutionizes healthcare for women. Working together with community members, patients, family members, staff, physicians and volunteers, WCHF raises, manages and invests funds to support the hospital’s current and future priority needs. Over the past decade, WCHF’s donor family of over 39,000 generous individuals, corporate partners and foundations has provided $115 million to change and save the lives of women and their loved ones.
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