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Legally Sell Online Raffle Tickets

Create and Distribute Your Tickets

Draw and Award a Winner

Legally Sell Online Raffle Tickets

Create and Distribute Your Tickets

Draw and Award a Winner

What to expect?

  1. Examples and visuals of other online raffles and what made them successful
  2. Unique Trellis features that will help you raise more funds and better market your fundraiser
  3. Trellis pricing and how to secure a reduced rate for your organization
  4. How to get started and next steps 

How to prepare?

This is your opportunity to learn about what made other online raffles successful and ask questions to a raffles expert. Bring as many details as you have about your raffle event plans and your questions about hosting a raffle or 50/50 and the Trellis product. 

Pick a date, submit the form, and get ready for your most successful online raffle yet!

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    A Sneak Peak at our Online Raffle Software

    1. Easy-to-use: DIY & Supported Page Set-up
    2. Raise More: Additional Revenue Drivers & Donation Up-sells
    3. Your Branding: Pages Built for Telling Your Story
    4. Easy Tracking: Page Analytics & Sales Reports
    5. Sell More: 50/50s Plus Single & Multi-Prize Raffles
    6. Marketing Support: Expert Partners, Affiliate Link Tracking & Free Resources

    25 Marketing Tactics To Skyrocket Your Online Raffle Ticket Sales

    1. Tried and tested methods to increase the traffic to your online raffle fundraiser
    2. New and unique ways to increase your total raffle ticket sales
    3. Clever methods (you probably haven’t thought of) to let your network know you are hosting an online raffle
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