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until March 31, 2021

We’ve waived all Trellis fees. Simply pay your credit card processing fees*. (seriously, we’ve got your back)

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*Stripe fee of 2.45% + $0.30 on all transactions
Stripe fees for American Express and international credit cards may vary. Connect with our team to learn more.

Starting April 2021

Trellis fees as low as 1.5%.

An All-In-One Platform for any Fundraiser!

With our risk free pricing, make the most of every feature on Trellis and grow your organization’s impact!

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Trellis Case Study - Patronato Pro Niños

“Trellis thinks about everything! Making different tickets, tax receipting different parts of the ticket. Not everyone thinks of all the details the Trellis platform has. Trellis thinks of everything charities need.”

Daniela Briones, International Development Director, Patronato Pro Niños

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Trellis Case Study - Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

“I’d definitely recommend Trellis! Other charities have asked us about our experience with Trellis and we always have great feedback about the platform. What we love the most is how customizable the pages are and the support from Trellis, it is really easy to get ahold of the Trellis team.”

Holly Lillie, Executive Director of Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

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Trellis Case Study - Soroptimist Surrey/Delta

“What I appreciated most about Trellis was that when we had a challenge or a problem, we could call or email Trellis and it was fixed…immediate responses and support that you don’t get with other platforms.”

Linda Cunliffe, President of Soroptimist International of Surrey/Delta

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Increase your revenue or your money back

We strongly believe that with our fundraising platform, utilizing our revenue driving features, and with our fundraising suggestions, you’ll be able to raise more money than your previous event. We’re here to help you succeed, but if you don’t raise more money, we’ll refund your Trellis fees, no questions asked.

Join hundreds of organizations and thousands of donors giving through Trellis today.

Join hundreds of organizations and thousands of donors giving through Trellis today.

and many more …

Human to Human support

This is Dennis, he heads up support along with his team. He wants you to know that the trellis team has your back. We understand the value of live customer support and that’s exactly what we want to give to you. Live chat, live screen sharing support drop-ins and a help centre.

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Our platform is proven and trusted by 100s of organizations across North America. With our raise more money guarantee there is no risk to using Trellis. Raise more funds or get your money back, its as simple as that.