no one likes fees

We want your charity to create maximum impact through your events and campaigns. That’s why Trellis transforms resented booking fees into meaningful social impact, offering the best pricing of any event platform: 4.9% plus 40 cents.

No transaction fees or other hidden costs. Plus, you’ll only be charged once you start making money on your event. Save your money, time and resources so you can do greater good in your community. Giving feels oh so good – and saving too!


+ standard 2.9% +40 cents
per transaction


What are the one time set up/start-up costs?

No extra fees, no set up fees, no start-up costs. It’s free to create a fundraiser on Trellis, we charge once you start selling tickets or processing donations.

Does Trellis have a transaction fee?

There is a transaction fee of 2.9% + 40 cents per transaction plus an additional 2% Trellis fee. The total you pay is 4.9% plus 40 cents; no extra fees, no set up fees, no per ticket fees.

What kind of training or support will I receive?

Trellis team members are available to chat with you weekdays from 9am-5pm PST. Need extra help? Our customer success team is here so you’ll be able to set up your event or fundraiser fast and make more money!

What are my payment processing options?

Stripe is our all-in-one payment processor. Donor banking and transactions are safe with Stripe. As the global leader in online payments, security is at the heart of Stripe’s payment processing.

What is your refund policy?

There are no fees to refund a charge, but the fees from the original charge are not returned. See Refund Policy for more details.

COVID-19 Payment & Refund Policy

The current situation with COVID-19 is very challenging and rapidly changing. We recognize that event organizers and charitable staff members are working quickly to assess their plans and redirect resources as needed. This is a difficult time around our world and we know how important your fundraising initiatives are for your organization, and we’re committed to helping you along the way.
Here is our commitment to you:

  1. You’ll continue to receive weekly payouts, and stay informed about new solutions to help you reach your fundraising goals regardless of the situation with COVID-19.
  2. Covid-19 refund policy will also include a “Cancelled or Postponed” event clause.
    If an event is canceled because of Covid-19 we will refund ALL fees including Stripes fees.
  3. If your event is able to continue but you are receiving requests for individual ticket refunds, we will be offering to refund our 2% platform fee. Stripes fees will still apply.

These policies are subject to change.