The Four Types of Post-COVID Fundraising Events

Get ready for:

  • Benefits, learnings and examples of each of the four different event types
  • Questions to guide you in deciding which event type is best for your donors
  • The Fundraising Events Roadmap, including a Create Your Own page
  • Actionable next steps you need to succeed going forward

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Trellis Case Study - Mamas for Mamas

“I am the most resistant person to adopt new technology you will ever meet in your life, and our technology lead will attest to that. . . but I am 100% an advocate of using Trellis.”

Shannon Christensen, CEO Mamas for Mamas

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Trellis Case Study - Women’s College Hospital Foundation

“When we made the decision to move to a virtual event, the next decision to choose the right fundraising platform was critical. We were extremely happy with the Trellis solution which enabled an outstanding fundraising result. Our guests had no problem interacting with it, which is always a key criterion. Overall, their partnership was truly valued”

Catherine Carter, Vice President, Marketing and Community Engagement, Women’s College Hospital Foundation

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Trellis Case Study - Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

“I’d definitely recommend Trellis! Other charities have asked us about our experience with Trellis and we always have great feedback about the platform. What we love the most is how customizable the pages are and the support from Trellis, it is really easy to get ahold of the Trellis team.”

Holly Lillie, Executive Director of Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

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