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The Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation (GBGH) completed their second virtual gala in August and it was a raving success!

In the past they’ve typically had in-person events with some online fundraising, mainly just using donation forms. For their first virtual gala in 2020 they used a different platform but during that gala they struggled with the static layout and lack of customization in the other platform. When 2021 rolled around they were on the hunt for more customization and control over the donor experience. 

“Trellis itself is great, it’s super easy to use, it’s definitely easy to customize your page” – Jen Russell, Development and Communications Officer, GBGH

On their Trellis page they utilized the items for sale, auction and ticketing features to engage donors in different ways. With Trellis, they were able to continue adjusting their page to highlight different sections as their campaign went on. With the ability to make the page with their custom branding and colours as well as being able to move segments around to focus donors’ attention on different things, GBGH exceeded their fundraising goal!

“Your team is amazing, you get that feeling right from the get go that you guys are willing to work with whatever we’ve got and help us to do the best that we can do” – Jen Russell, Development and Communications Officer, GBGH

GBGH loved the impact Trellis allowed them to have through the platform but in addition to that, they were blown away by our customer experience team!

“I don’t think we’ll find nicer, more customer service oriented people anywhere. The Trellis team is the best!” – Jen Russell, Development and Communications Officer, GBGH

Trellis allowed GBGH to have all of their fundraising drivers in one place, where donors could engage with multiple ways to give. 

“We certainly loved having a customizable page that looked like our branding. Whether we were selling a bag or had an auction going, tickets to the event, everything was focused on one site” – Jen Russell, Development and Communications Officer, GBGH

In the future, GBGH is excited about bringing events back to in-person, while taking the learnings from their virtual galas. They are excited to combine these two worlds and to see how Trellis can help them raise more!

“I would definitely recommend working with Trellis, we had a great experience, their customer service was exceptional, they are always willing to work with you to figure out how they can improve the platform and make it better.” – Jen Russell, Development and Communications Officer, GBGH