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For years, charities have been running stand-alone raffles, and they were fine. But at Trellis, we don’t settle for fine, and thankfully neither do the organizations we work with. In fact, the raffles and 50/50s we’re supporting are raising 15% more these days, and turns out you can too!

At Trellis we build fundraising software for events, auctions, and raffles. Our all-in-one solution allows organizations to add multiple fundraising drivers to their raffle and the particular element that’s helping organizations raise 15% more is… the donation upsell.

Before Trellis, organizations ran stand-alone raffles and were limited by the software they were using to add additional ways for their supporters to give. Or they were using tools that could support different fundraising elements but the software was not an approved online raffle provider leaving organizations scrambling to execute the raffle portion according to provincial rules and regulations.

That was, until Trellis came along, and made it all possible in one place.

Trellis’ unique ability to run a complete raffle and offer additional fundraising drivers is why most organizations make the switch! Learn more about our other fundraising elements on Trellis here. 

With Trellis, organizations are now able to run their raffles or 50/50’s and, with the click of a button, add donation upsells to their fundraiser. It takes no time at all and leads to an average of 15% more funds raised for the organization. Now, who doesn’t want that! Worried about tax receipting all your new donors? We’ve got you covered, at Trellis we also automate your donation tax receipts too!

PS. The best part is, donation upsells don’t just apply to raffles, and upsells don’t just apply to donations! The organizations using Trellis are adding everything from auctions, tickets and live-streaming to their raffles or keeping things simple with just donations. And, we’re seeing the same success in raising more with everything from golf tournaments to galas and standalone fundraisers to annual campaigns! You can learn more about our other fundraising features on a demo here.

Building a List of New Donors with No Effort

Not only do new donations improve your fundraising goals, but it gives you a unique opportunity to build your donor base with no extra work! Other organizations using Trellis simply added the donation upsell at checkout, so when donors went to pay for their ticket purchase they were asked to make a donation too. 

With the addition of donations to their page, organizations are now able to collect additional funds and also track the names and emails of people who gave a donation for the first time. 

At checkout, raffle ticket purchasers were asked whether they wanted to add a donation to their purchase, over 14% of them added a donation. If your organization had one thousand raffle ticket purchasers, you’d be gaining over 140 new donors!

Other organizations are raising 15% more and we think you should too. Here’s how. 

The first step is easy, reach out to our team! If you have ideas for a raffle you’d like to host or want to see examples of what other organizations built into their fundraising pages, sign up for a demo here