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It goes without saying, marketing and selling tickets is a critical step for your online raffle’s success. Regardless of if you’re a one-person show or a team of online raffle marketing experts, the biggest struggle is determining where you should be putting your time, effort, and marketing spend in order to meet your raffle’s goals. It doesn’t matter how big your marketing team is if you don’t know which marketing channels are leading to the most dollars raised. 

The Online Raffle Marketing Dream

Nobody wants to throw a party that no one comes to. And similarly, nobody wants to launch a raffle that doesn’t sell any tickets. So, what if you could see how your raffle was performing, and how your marketing was going at any given moment? Sounds like a dream come true right?

So, about that dream we had, what if I told you organizations are now, tracking how they are doing, seeing which marketing channels are leading to the most dollars raised, and spending less time, effort, and money?

They’re using the Trellis affiliate marketing and traffic analytics tools to make this dream come true, and PS you should be too! 

How to Utilize Smarter Marketing Tools for Online Raffles

Using affiliate links you are now able to see how much money is coming in from every marketing channel you’re using. And it takes no additional time, simply generate a unique link and label it with the marketing channel you intend to use it for. Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry, all of this is made simple on the Trellis platform. 

You can even set up a unique link for every social media account, your email newsletter, and even create links to give to your board members so they can see who is referring the most donors. With this new information, at any time during your campaign, you are able to see which channel is bringing in the most funds and prioritize that channel over the others. 

Organizations that are using affiliate links have boosted their marketing success through the roof! Attend a demo to join them in their success!

To make this dream a reality, register for a demo to learn how affiliate marketing will boost your success!

Online Raffle Marketing – Idea Alert!

P.S. An idea you might want to steal… use affiliate links and make inviting people a game. No, we really mean it! With your organization supporters, give each one a custom affiliate link and set a goal of how many invites you want them to send out. Then each week, give an update on how many emails were sent from each person, and who the current winner is for inviting the most people. When the fundraiser ends award a prize to the winner!

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Free Raffle Marketing Checklist

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