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The Shuswap Trail Alliance’s online pandemic fundraiser went so well that when 2022 rolled around they decided to repeat their success and blow their fundraising out of the park! Jen Bellhouse of The Shuswap Trail Alliance loved how easy Trellis was and how it helped them raise more for their cause. Read on to learn the tactics this organization used to improve their fundraising!

In their annual fundraiser this year, they used the auction, 50/50, raffle, donation and items for sale features to maximize the funds raised. This also presented their donors with a variety of options to give. 

As Shuswap Trail Alliance was new to online raffles and 50/50s they were a little hesitant about how it would go. But to their delight “The 50/50 was so slick… I just had to push two buttons. I mean, it’s just so easy.” Raffles and 50/50s on Trellis are designed to be easy to execute, so you can get back to the most important parts of your job.

Not only were raffles and 50/50’s a walk in the park for Jen, but the auction proved to be just as easy, especially with the automation of some of the more tedious parts. As Jen noted, “Trellis did so much of the work for us, by handling the payments for the auction items, it’s taken this one very big exhausting night and made it into a really manageable way to run the fundraiser for us.”

On their Trellis page, The Shuswap Trail Alliance did an incredible job of highlighting their sponsors and donors. They even had a couple of sponsors mention their increased traffic due to their feature. Jen and the team were pleased that they were able to support their sponsors and community, which have faithfully supported them for years. 

“There is no hesitation in recommending Trellis, we’ve been really pleased with the experience.” – Jen Bellhouse, Executive Director

Their team loved the impact Trellis allowed them to have but an element they really appreciated was our spectacular support team who was there to help them if they got stuck.

“One of the things we really appreciated is that there is a person that is available to help. I really appreciated that you know who you’re talking to and the response is so quick.” – Jen Bellhouse, Executive Director

A large part of Jen’s success however came down to the way she ran her fundraiser. By incorporating multiple ways for people to engage, she was able to attract a larger audience of donors. From the hundreds of organizations that have used Trellis, our data proves that organizations that use three or more fundraising drivers raise double those that don’t. As you consider your fundraising strategy, we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity to raise more for your organization! Join a call with our team here to learn more about how you can raise more for your organization by incorporating multiple fundraising elements into your next fundraiser. To learn more about how adding more fundraising drivers can raise you more, download our report here

Going forward, The Shuswap Trail Alliance is excited to see what impact they have as they continue to grow their fundraising through Trellis!