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With Fall right around the corner, organizations are planning their fundraisers, everything from galas to golf tournaments. But how can organizations ensure that they are making the most of their fall fundraisers and with the current recession how are they setting themselves up to recession-proof their fundraising?

With the pandemic and current economic state, fundraising continues to evolve and shift. And with that shift comes a higher need for organizations’ services yet less funding available. But we’ve got the answer to help you stay ahead, raise more, and recession-proof your fundraising

Donation Augmented fundraising is the key to raising more and recession-proofing your fundraisers and we’re going to let you in on just how you can get started. Donation Augmented fundraising is the new approach of strategically using donation asks throughout your fundraiser to encourage additional gifts for your organization.

Organizations that are raising more for their causes are approaching fundraising differently, and it’s working. Donation Augmented fundraising can be applied to any and all of your fundraising elements. From raffles to auctions, making that extra ask will not only bring in more funds for your organization but gain you new donors that can further spread the word and engage with you for future campaigns. 

Raising more and finding new donors are only some of the benefits of using a Donation Augmented fundraising approach. Since those extra gifts are donations, they are unrestricted funds, allowing your organization to use them as needed. The impact of dollars that can be put towards the most urgent needs, overhead costs, or advancements and optimizations within your organization is unimaginable. This will allow your organization to strategically grow and move towards a more financially sustainable future where it is more resilient to our ever-changing world. 

We conducted a study of over 1000 fundraisers ran on the Trellis platform to find out the impact of Donation Augmented fundraising. Consistently throughout our study all organizations that donation augmented raised more for their causes, and with Trellis that’s as simple as clicking one button. Connect with a fundraising specialist here to get started.