How to Create Record Engagement with Hybrid Events

Fundraising events continue to adapt and improve with ever changing social distancing regulations and improved softwares and virtual event techniques. It is time to consider how best you can engage with donors and sponsors who may be attending your event virtual or in-person.

This does NOT mean it’s time to live stream your event so people can “attend” online. (A) It might not yet be safe to do so and (B) no one wants to watch other people having fun in a ballroom while they sit at home.

There is a key difference between entertaining and engaging your donors. Learn about how to create record engagement with a hybrid event!

Number 1

Hybrid Pitfalls

Common mistakes to avoid with hybrid events.

Number 2

Donor Engagement

Tips on creating an interactive event that encourages giving.

Number 3

Creative Ideas

New ideas and what others are doing for hybrid events.

Secrets to Success for your next Virtual Gala

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