Phenomenal Fund-A-Need: How to Plan for Virtual Victory

Layne, The Auctionista will unveil their “tried and tested” pre-event strategies, and what it REALLY takes to achieve fundraising success with a virtual Fund-A-Need donation ask. Fund-A-Need strategy for in-person events has been shelved for new tactics, in response to this new era of the virtual gala.

The ballroom is empty. Your donors are watching online, alone in their homes. How do you inspire a remote audience to get on board and support your cause? Will they open their wallets and make that critical donation? Is it possible? It is.

Layne will answer these questions and more while diving into the core pre-event strategies, actions and tools needed to ensure virtual Fund-A-Need victory.

Number 1

Pre-Seed Donations

Learn how and why securing seed donations is critical to fundraising success.

Number 2

Run of Show

Learn where and how to effectively integrate a Fund-A-Need into a virtual run of show.

Number 3

Inspire Giving

Identify factors that build empathy and inspire giving.

PHENOMENAL Fund A Need: How to Plan for Virtual Victory

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