Event Marketing Tactics & Measurements of Success


The shift to virtual events have created an opportunity to reach donors in further locations but has also created more competition to make your event stand-out. Leann Yutuc is an expert on reaching potential event attendees at the right place and the right time and will be sharing her tips on how to use the follow event marketing tactics:

4 Tactics to Gain Awareness for Your Next Fundraiser Event

  1. Traditional Marketing
  2. Social Marketing
  3. Email Marketing
  4. On Premise Marketing

Leann will share real world examples about using and implementing these tactics!

It is important to know what didn’t work and what was successful in bringing people to your event. To learn this, you have to measure the success of your marketing campaigns and tactics. Leann will be answering: How do you know it worked and what do you do with the data?

You will leave with actionable tactics for marketing your next event and strategies to ensure you learn what worked.

Number 1

Event Marketing

Actionable tactics to market your next fundraiser event.

Number 2

Measuring Success

How to determine which tactics worked the best.

Number 3

Real World Examples

What other organizations have done successful.

Event Marketing Tactics & Measurements of Success

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