AGLC Certified Online Raffles & 50/50s in Alberta

Why Consider Trellis?

 1.  Add Donation Upsells to Increase Net Profit

We have seen organizations raise 20% more net profit by turning on this feature along with automated tax receipts.

2.  Create Custom Tracking Links to Sell More Tickets

Easily generate custom links to see exactly how much money each of your marketing channels are bringing in and focus on what works.

3.  Acquire New Donors & Increase Your Marketing List

Easily identify new donors that have made a donation through our donation upsell feature and opt-in all ticket purchasers to your email list with a custom checkout question.

4.  Add Other Revenue Drivers in the Same Place

Make it easy for your donors to find other ways to give by adding an auction, donations, ecommerce items, and more.

AGLC Certified Online Raffles & 50/50s

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