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Trellis’s mission is to provide you with affordable and easy to use auction, raffle, and ticketing software.

“It was just so easy to use, I went from event cancelled to our largest fundraiser in weeks. Trellis allowed me to do everything I needed, even a raffle and it was fully virtual!”

MaryEllen D.
LA Family Housing

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    “If you want to do a raffle, silent auction and a live auction you need to check out Trellis! They have everything you need and the customer service team is awesome, I can actually talk to real people.”

    Shannon C.
    Mamas For Mamas

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    With Trellis you’ll be able to

    Raise typically 25% more on our ‘all-in-one’ raffle, auction, ticketing and donation platform.

    Join 95% of charities who are innovating their fundraising practices due to COVID.

    Build beautiful fundraising pages faster, with human-to-human customer service.

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    Powering fundraisers for organizations across North America

    Trellis - Powering fundraisers for organizations across North America

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