The Future of Fundraising Events

Are fundraising events going back to “normal”? Is virtual here to stay? Will my donors show up? These are important questions that are explored in The Future of Fundraising Events report, guiding your organization to future success. Submit the form below to download.

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64% of charities did not meet their fundraising goal in 2020; however, there is light at the end of the tunnel as more and more North Americans are vaccinated and this again begins to change the future of fundraising. 93% of charities and industry experts are eager to once again plan in-person events, but 92% think virtual events are worth keeping beyond the pandemic. Why are so many people holding onto virtual fundraisers? Are donors willing to show up? 

We have conducted a survey of hundreds of events, with data coming from charities, industry experts, and donors across North America. This report highlights our key takeaways.

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