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LakeCity Works held its annual raffle to support clients and raise awareness about their impact. This year they switched to Trellis for their raffle and their fundraiser was a wild success!

LakeCity supports individuals living with mental illness as they build on their skills and seek employment. After launching their new range of structures they raffled off an Urban Cabin, a space designed to go in someone’s backyard to provide more living space. 

“[Raffles] are very worthwhile, they give you a whole project you can engage in and use that to connect with the community and to tell stories” – Sophie Eld, Executive Director LakeCity Works

To maximize donor giving LakeCity added donation upsells to their online raffle. It allowed them to raise more and gave their donors options for ways to give! 15% of LakeCity’s funds raised came from the addition of their donation upsell, for their organization which was an additional $15,000 in unrestricted funds! In addition, Trellis’ tax receipting made it easy for LakeCity’s donors and encouraged them to donate. 

“[Donation Upsells] added another layer to our fundraiser and I’ll definitely be including that again going forward” – Sophie Eld, Executive Director LakeCity Works

They used storytelling on their page to showcase their impact and tangibly show where the funds raised would go.

Another element that made LakeCity and Trellis a natural fit for this fundraiser, was their aligned goal of community impact through social enterprises supporting social enterprises. With a shared mission and vision, it was easy to get aligned. As Sophie noted, the experience “felt very collaborative like we’re working on a project together”, ultimately creating an even better experience for everyone, especially the LakeCity donors!

Overall, LakeCity achieved its goal of getting the word out about the organization and getting the community engaged while raising money for it! Sophie and the team look forward to running another raffle on Trellis and we can’t wait to see what they do!

“I am absolutely going to use Trellis again. They are extremely personable and responsive, really keen to listen.” – Sophie Eld, Executive Director LakeCity Works

If you want to reach a new donor base with your raffle all while getting the word out about your organization’s cause, connect with our team here.