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Kelowna, BC – July 16, 2021: Trellis Social Enterprise Inc. ( a charitable events software platform based in Kelowna, BC has just confirmed their acquisition of Echolotto Inc. (, a charity raffle provider from  Saskatchewan.

Trellis and Echolotto both serve charities. Charities need one place to sell tickets, run auctions, process donations and create raffles. This acquisition will make Trellis the first software in Canada that can truly do it all for fundraising events. With this new announcement, together they will become the first approved raffle provider to also offer other revenue drivers for charities starting in Saskatchewan. Not only will this increase revenue potential for Trellis, but more importantly time saved for both Trellis and Echolotto customers.

“This acquisition allows Trellis to gain market share, technology and expertise in the charity raffle & 50/50 space as we expand this feature across Canada,” says founder and CEO Justin Goodhew. Paul Burch, co-founder and CEO of Echolotto says, “this allows our raffle customers to now sell tickets, process donations and also run silent and live auctions on top of running their raffles. It’s the start of an incredibly exciting new phase.” 

About Trellis: 

Trellis is an all-in-one event fundraising platform that allows charities, foundations and non-profit organizations to grow their fundraising and exceed their goals. Trellis aims to become the revenue generation platform for change to further their mission of empowering global collective impact. 

About Echolotto: 

Echolotto provides a raffle ticketing platform for charities and non-profit organizations. Echolotto supports these organizations so they can continue to perform community enhancing initiatives. 

More details: 

This acquisition allows Trellis to increase their customers, product offering and team as they prepare for a big fall of charity events.  Paul Burch, the CEO and Founder of Echolotto will be joining the Trellis team, providing them with his unique expertise. After starting Echolotto five years ago, Paul has built valuable partnerships with raffle regulators and charities. This vital expertise will be instrumental to Trellis’ expansion of their raffle feature across Canada.

All of this allows Trellis to further support their existing customers, new customers and future customers as they grow into the raffle space. This acquisition only furthers Trellis’ goal of creating impact by supporting organizations to drive more revenue to their causes so they can create more positive change. 

As the world changes, fundraising for charities and organizations continues to be uncertain. But with this new partnership, fundraising just got simpler and together we can create global collective impact empowered by Trellis.