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With news about COVID-19 becoming ever more present. We understand that this is a challenging time for our charity partners and event managers. You’ve got a lot of tough decisions and conversations to have in the coming time, and we will support you every step of the way. 

We want to provide you, our partners with resources to use as you connect with your event stakeholders. Use this sample message below to connect with your event attendees regarding how the situation is being handled and your assessment of the risk.  


At trellis, we’re proud to support and stand behind our charity partners. As you continue to progress with your event, we look forward to supporting you. And, as you consider alternative options for your fundraising this year we looking forward to those conversations as well. 
use the following sample message to communicate with event attendees.


Dear Ticket Holder,


With [insert your event name here] approaching in [insert month of event here], we have just released our formal Health and Safety Policy (PHAC) as it relates to the Coronavirus (in line with recommendations from the Public Health Agency of Canada). 


Our registration numbers are tracking well! That said, we are taking the initiative to ensure our speakers, partners, sponsors, and attendees like you feel comfortable.


As 90% of our attendees are from the regional/local market, the event is considered very low risk in line with recommendations ​from PHAC that has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as “Low for Canada for everyday activities.”   0% of our delegates are from overseas and in fact, most are arriving in their own cars.


We have relaxed our cancellation and substitution policies to facilitate risk-free registration for our guests nonetheless, and the consistent message is that domestic public events and travel is not a risk. We will continue to follow best-practices and keep you informed as decisions are made. 



[Your Name]



As an event planner, below are some short term considerations for you to explore as you prepare for your upcoming fundraising events. 
  • Keep your event attendees informed, and be prepared to answer concerns they may have about the risk of attending your event.
  • Monitor for recommendations about event and travel, and follow guidance from health and government offices.
  • Provide your attendees with options for virtual participation. 
  • Communicate with event venues and vendors to ensure high levels of sanitation are being kept.
  • Proactively communicate any cancellation policy changes to event attendees.
  • Consider changing fundraising events to donation campaigns for the meantime. 


We’ve created a complete COVID-19 Resource Guide to help you navigate next steps through this time.